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Hollywood actress to star in tear-jerking UK film about a deaf teenager’s dream

October 5, 2014


A Hollywood star has been cast in the role of a deaf child from London in a short-film due to made later this year. Aryana Engineer, who is from Canada, has starred in two Hollywood films and the opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and takes the lead role in short-film Dreaming […]

Diary of a Deaf Filmmaker, Month 3: Being able to cast actors online is a lifesaver

September 30, 2014


Last month, I mentioned that we had begun to look for actors to invite to the casting. I also noted that this can be a bit tricky when looking for specific Deaf/HoH actors, as they are few in numbers. But we cast our net far and wide via the web… social media… and good ol’ […]

Watch: The video everyone’s talking about, ‘Happy’ in sign language!

August 29, 2014


It’s the video that’s gone viral and is being added to more news sites on a daily basis – the signed version of Pharrell Williams’s song ‘Happy’, which was made by a group of Deaf Campers at the Deaf Film Camp 2014. It even features a Deaf Brit – Bim Ajadi, who has made a […]

Ted Evans: Come along to Shuffle Festival on Sunday and watch Together, a forgotten classic about two Deaf men

July 29, 2014


Naturally I’m always interested when deaf people are portrayed in films, I personally seek them out for my development project where I am looking at the portrayal of deaf characters in film and how sign language is captured. So if I hear I about a certain film, I have to see it and that is […]

Diary of a Deaf Filmmaker, Month One: Can I actually do this, or not?

July 9, 2014


Some of you might know that in the month of May, the Gods of Deaf film-making smiled upon me and I won something called the Ben Steiner Bursary. I wrote about it here and everything. Well, you lucky devils/poor unfortunate souls (delete where appropriate), now I have decided to track my progress in a delightful/dreadful […]

Watch: A Western Ted Evans made on a Sunday afternoon about the outlaw Deaf Charley Hanks

February 11, 2014


It is a dream of mine to make a Western one day. I used to love watching them on TV as a kid, even without subtitles because the way they were filmed and the simplistic story lines that they had were often easy to follow.  I’m naturally also interested in deaf history; I find it […]

Teresa Garratty: My 10 New Year’s resolutions… in February!

February 3, 2014


It’s February, which means that a lot of people who tried to follow their new year’s resolutions in January have probably given up by now. So my trick is to start my resolutions in February, to give me a better chance of continuing them! Personally, I’ve been racking my brain to come up with some ideas […]