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Diary of a Deaf Filmmaker, Month 9: Post production

March 4, 2015


We’re into the final stages of post production, a time when things start to wind down and you can grab a cheeky five minutes to put your feet up… NOT! We’re all still very much busy bees and probably will be even after the film has it’s première at Deaffest. So what’s happening right now? […]

Samuel Dore: The Frustrations of being a Deaf Cinephile, Part 2 – Home Entertainment

February 27, 2015


In my last article of The Frustrations of being a Deaf Cinephile series I wrote; I want to watch any film I want to wherever I want to and whenever I want to. For this article I’m writing about home entertainment, which includes VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray. So the quote should resonate nicely, especially when […]

Diary of a Deaf Filmmaker, Month 8: Shooting my film!

February 11, 2015


It feels like such a long time ago but it was only the beginning of January that we completed the all important shoot. All the months of planning were gone in a flash. But how did it go…? It went pretty darn well actually! My only main concern at the time, was that the interpreters […]

Brent Macpherson: Why it’s not always easy to cast Deaf actors in major film roles

February 3, 2015


There has been a number of articles in recent months promoting the idea that Deaf characters in films should be played by Deaf actors. I wholeheartedly agree…in theory. Globally, there are undoubtedly talented and inspiring Deaf actors who could do justice to lead roles and play Deaf characters with total authenticity; and one spin-off would […]

Andy Palmer: 6 clips from deaf films that will teach you about deaf people’s lives

January 30, 2015


In my last job I used to train new recruits working for the nation’s largest deafness charity, Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID), on a whole range of topics to do with deafness. Occassionally, I’d show film clips by some of the UK’s fantastic deaf filmmakers during training sessions to illustrate important points. Why? Because […]

Nick Sturley: Deaf filmmakers need to go to the next level. But how?

December 15, 2014


I read Ted Evans’s frustration about the lack of training and funding for Deaf filmmakers after seeing the groundbreaking film THE TRIBE with great interest. I, too, had the opportunity to see the momentous Ukrainian film at the National Film Theatre last October. This two hour and ten minute film, showing long, tracking and uncut ten–minute […]

Diary of a Deaf Filmmaker, Month 5: How well will Deaf and hearing people work together on my film?

November 24, 2014


As the shoot dates draw ever closer, I’m starting to think/panic about how well everybody is going to work together. In my quest (that I’ve started, just now) to save the planet one film at a time, I want this shoot to represent how things could be for Deaf and hearing people working in the […]