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Matt Dixon: Ten essential things to know about being a child of deaf parents

January 18, 2015


Every weekend, we are publishing popular articles from our archive, which you might have missed the first time round! Tell us which articles you think should be reposted by My name is Matt Dixon and I’m the grown-up child of deaf parents. My parents, my brother and sister are all deaf and use sign language – […]

Kimberly Brown: The advantages of being a deaf parent to hearing children

August 13, 2014


I’ve written before about many of the challenges I face as a deaf parent raising three hearing children. Communication obviously is a challenging aspect, particularly in the years from infancy to childhood. Raising hearing children to speak properly and communicate well with their deaf parent(s) takes a bit of effort, and support from family members. […]

Emily Howlett: Fact. Signing really does help babies with their language development

June 13, 2014


I have a few recent conversations I’d like to share with you. The first, as follows, was between myself and a hearing man I know only vaguely; Hearing Dude: “What’s your son doing?” Me: “Oh, he’s suddenly started signing loads of things; he’s just picking them up without us noticing, really.” Hearing Dude: “So, does […]

Laura’s pregancy diary: The doctor spoke to me like I was from another planet

January 23, 2014


Laura Hignett is deaf and pregnant. For the next few months, Laura will be sharing her diary entries and her experiences with us as she prepares for the birth of her first child . This week, Laura recalls her midwife and doctors appointments.  15 Weeks to go So, I found out a few months ago […]

Emily Howlett’s Diary of a Deaf Mum: My response to baby’s Ten Commandments

September 6, 2013


My baby boy, you are so clever to have brought those previous Ten Commandments to my attention, through the open media of the Internet. Naturally, as laid out in the Tenth, I do agree with them all without reservation. I am sure that in the interest of fairness you won’t mind me replying, not with […]

Deaf Dad: The importance of knowing where your child’s favourite cuddly toy is

February 22, 2013


When I was a child, another Deaf family came to visit us one day. They had two daughters, and the youngest never let her favourite cuddly toy – a tiny pony – out of her reach. At the end of a long day of play, the family decided it was time to go home. Cue […]

Sounding off! The diary of a mother of a deaf child

February 4, 2013


Every month Tiger Mother – mum to moderately deaf Hayley, 14, and her two brothers Lee and Harry – brings you a frank insight into the ups and downs of life with a deaf child who has autistic spectrum disorder. Read her updates on the NDCS website, and post your views and comments. This month, […]