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Gavin Dean: I need your help for my study on how Usher syndrome affects psychological wellbeing (BSL)

January 19, 2016


To take part in Gavin’s study, which has a deadline of Jan 31st, click here. Having Usher syndrome myself since I was a teenager, I have often found myself in many situations where both my deafness and blindness has left me feeling depressed, anxious, isolated, hopeless, and frustrated because of the many challenging and uncertain […]

The Question: Is the much-used statistic ’10 million deaf people’ helpful?

September 26, 2014


An often quoted statistic about deafness and hearing loss in the UK is that there are ten million people who have some level of deafness. It’s normally the first piece of information that’s offered to newbies on the subject. The intention of using the statistic is to make people consider that deafness or hearing loss […]

Deborah Rehmat: Gradual hearing loss – “It’s more about not being able to understand”

September 17, 2014


“It’s not really so much about not being able to hear – it’s more about not being able to understand”. My father and I were talking on the phone when he made this remark about progressive hearing loss – something we talk about a lot these days. He has worn hearing aids for decades and […]

“Deafness wasn’t my problem, it was my attitude towards it that was the problem.” Jane Billingham on discovering hearing aids at 47

August 8, 2014


My name is Jane. At the age of 47, in 2013, I started wearing hearing aids. I was well aware of my hearing problems 10 years prior to becoming a hearing aid wearer although I decided to hide behind the character assessments people had given me: Anti-social, ignorant, introvert, shy. It was easier to accept […]

Deaf News: TV personality John Barrowman experiences deafness for the day for Hearing Dogs charity

July 8, 2014


TV personality John Barrowman has experienced deafness for the day as part of a filmed experiment so that he could understand some of the difficulties that deaf people face. He was then partnered with a hearing dog to see first-hand the difference these dogs make to deaf peoples’ lives. Watch the (subtitled) video of his experience below: […]

Rebecca-Anne Withey: Signsong is a way for Deaf performers to embody a song

June 10, 2014


Signsong tends to spark a love it/hate it response from the Deaf community. However as a performer and tutor of signsong I can see for myself how interest in the art form is surely growing. But when I tell people what it is I do, I still get the occasional screwed up face and an […]

Jennifer Stuessy: How do you wear your ‘Deaf’?

March 19, 2014


It never fails. The moment you look away from a group of hearing folk is when they start asking you questions. Of course, when you turn back, they are all waiting for an answer. Do you: Scream and point to an area beyond the group indicating a large insect/rodent is on the loose. Pretend not […]