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Ian Noon: Five random reflections on deaf life at mainstream primary school

March 12, 2014


I spent most of last week musing on life at primary school. I do love a good amble down memory lane but I had another reason; I had volunteered to give a presentation to parents of deaf children at a National Deaf Children’s Society family weekend. These are weekends for parents to learn more about various […]

Ni Gallant: To speak or sign at university – my dilemma

February 27, 2014


So recently I’ve been debating with myself over what I like to term the ‘to speak or not to speak’ issue. It started with frustration over my progressive deafness and having ‘good speech’ which makes it inevitable that when meeting people for the first time they don’t immediately realise that I’m Deaf. They also don’t […]

Phoebe Tay: The lessons I learnt from Ceilidh O’Sullivan’s work with Deaf children in Uganda

January 31, 2014


It all started with an e-mail in 2009. Ceilidh had finished high school. She was working as a teacher aide with Deaf kids in her primary school in Bundaberg. Ceilidh had taken a keen interest in visiting Uganda after a friend of hers came back from a trip there. After doing some research on Deaf […]

Becky Fenton-Ree: I’m an expert in BSL, but how did I fare when I went to American Sign Language class?

December 11, 2013


For the first time in twenty five years, I am not an active member of a Deaf Community and I’m on the other side of the language classroom – learning American Sign Language. Six months of living in the United States meant I was missing signing, being part of a Deaf club and the laughter […]

Deaf News: Donaldson’s Deaf School in Scotland ordered to improve its leadership

December 5, 2013


The Herald Scotland has reported: SCOTLAND’S national deaf school has been ordered to improve its leadership after inspectors found important weaknesses in the way it was being run. Education Scotland criticised the governance of Donaldson’s Deaf School, in Linlithgow, as well as communication between the board, staff and parents. Key strengths of the schools were […]

Staci Jones: Why it’s hard, being a Deafie

November 8, 2013


As a hard of hearing person living  in the 21st century, I consider myself rather lucky in terms of care and lifestyle; I am extremely grateful I don’t have to wear ear trumpets, for example. However, there is still prejudice today that affects deaf and hard of hearing people. In school, more often than not, […]

Ian Noon: Tell your MP to turn up for the debate on deaf children’s education

October 14, 2013


After 18 months of campaigning and 50,000+ petition signatures, MPs have agreed that concerns over cuts to funding to support for deaf children are so serious that Parliament should debate them. Deafness is invariably described as the invisible disability. The needs of deaf children too often get overlooked. Well, not on Thursday. This isn’t going […]