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Deaf News: Deaf charities call on government to halt Access to Work changes that are pushing deaf people out of work

November 26, 2013


Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID) and other leading deaf organisations including the British Deaf Association (BDA) are urgently calling on the government to reassess cost-cutting policy changes to their Access to Work scheme, which they say are creating barriers to employing deaf people and preventing them from playing a full role in the workplace […]

Sign: Petition to stop changes to Access to Work provision for deaf people

November 12, 2013


A new petition asking people to help stop changes to Access to Work has attracted nearly 1,500 signatures within 48 hours. The petition, which is directed at Sir Malcolm Bruce and Iain Duncan Smith, says that “Deaf and hard of hearing people are being restricted to unrealistic salaried budgets that do not meet their support […]

Staci Jones: Why it’s hard, being a Deafie

November 8, 2013


As a hard of hearing person living  in the 21st century, I consider myself rather lucky in terms of care and lifestyle; I am extremely grateful I don’t have to wear ear trumpets, for example. However, there is still prejudice today that affects deaf and hard of hearing people. In school, more often than not, […]

Hameeda Raj: How having a deaf son influenced my MBA – on deaf people in employment

September 19, 2013


This is the title of my MBA Dissertation. How and why have I chosen this? We have to go back seven years, to when we discovered our two year old son was deaf. We naively thought his lack of hearing was due to ‘glue ear’ and that it would be miraculously solved by grommets. When […]

Darren Thorman: I’m not very deaf aware. When it comes to my own deafness

September 17, 2013


My deafness is rated severe to profound, and in my life, I have worn hearing aids ranging from the ghastly 70s boxes to the latest technology – which still look huge on my small ears. So surely I can’t forget I’m deaf. Or can I? Am I as guilty of a lack of deaf awareness […]

Deaf News: Action on Hearing Loss call on government to improve employment support for deaf people

July 9, 2013


National charity Action on Hearing Loss have teamed up with other charities to produce a report into the problems people with disabilities face with employment support, they announced today. Called ‘Work in Progress’ the report is co-written with Scope, RNIB, Mind and Mencap and calls on the government to urgently rethink employment support for people […]

Tony Barlow: In employment, are deaf people bottom of the pecking order?

March 29, 2012


Hello! I’m Tony Barlow, an employment consultant with 10 years experience of working in employment for deaf people. My goal in writing for Limping Chicken is to cover issues relating to employment, jobs, careers, work experience and UNEMPLOYMENT. Ugh – that word which has cast dark gloomy clouds across this proud but fragile country. Even […]