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New ‘Fake’ Interpreter storm: What we said to Live Lens and what you said on social media

May 8, 2014


A storm erupted on social media yesterday after smartphone app manufacturer Live Lens released a controversial advert featuring ‘Fake’ interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie. See our article on the advert here – and read on to see what we said when Live Lens defended the advert on Twitter, plus, further down, what you, how Deaf people around the world […]

“I speak sign language. Not.” The fake interpreter is BACK, and sign language is mocked again in an online advert

May 7, 2014


The mind boggles. We’re not sure what Thamsanqa Jantjie was thinking when he recorded this advert for a live video-sharing app, but we’re pretty sure that the company he’s advertising, Live Lens, knew what they were doing: causing a bit more controversy, at the expense of Deaf people, to help publicise their product. This ad […]

Deaf News USA: Deaf people in Seattle protest about local sign language interpreter

January 3, 2014


In the wake of the ‘fake interpreter’ scandal at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, it seems that the Deaf community across the globe are still struggling with interpreters who are not being understood by the Deaf people using their services. In Seattle, USA, protestors called for the Seattle Men’s Chorus to use a different interpreter for their […]

Deaf News: ‘Real interpreter’ website launched to show how Mandela memorial service should have looked

December 19, 2013


To check out the Real Interpreter website, click here. What does Real Interpreter aim to do? Real Interpreter is a movement to raise sign language and sign language interpreting awareness. One way to do this is to create a place where real interpreting of speeches about Nelson Mandela and his tireless fight for equality are […]

Donna Williams: Paul Whitehouse rubbed the ‘fake’ interpreter controversy in deaf people’s faces

December 14, 2013


Maybe it’s just me. But I’m not seeing the funny. At the British Comedy Awards on Thursday night, Paul Whitehouse picked up an award for Best Sketch Show for ‘Harry and Paul’, and congratulations to him. Where he went wrong was when he arrived on stage, announced that he ‘had brought his signer with him’ and […]

Charlie Swinbourne: How our news article triggered worldwide coverage of the ‘fake’ sign language interpreter story

December 13, 2013


I don’t think I ever thought that one day, through this site, I’d get to break a news story that – within a matter of hours – would spark coverage across the world. Three days later, my email and Twitter accounts have only just returned to normal and I keep thinking: ‘did any of that really […]

Deaf News: ‘Fake’ interpreter faced murder charge in 2003

December 13, 2013


This story gets more and more bizarre by the hour. A South African website has revealed that Thamasanqa Jantjie was allegedly charged with murder, attempted murder and kidnapping in 2003. Extract:  eNCA can reveal the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial on Tuesday faced a murder charge in 2003. It’s unknown if the case was ever concluded as […]