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Juliet England: As a call to my hospital showed, some people just don’t get Text Relay

March 10, 2015


Ah, the old textphone. Great giver of communication and transformer of unintelligible sound into understandable, readable words. I do love mine, though, sadly, not everyone does. My brother and at least one friend won’t use it, although two other mates battle on with it gamely. (One no doubt because I once answered and spoke to […]

Charlie Swinbourne: “I was talking behind your back to test your hearing.” My bizarre second visit to my audiologist

January 7, 2014


Two months ago, I wrote about what I learned from a 15 minute visit to my local NHS audiology clinic. Just before Christmas, I had my second visit. I must admit I didn’t have high expectations, but I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did.  Again, the audiologist (my heart sank a […]

Ask the Chicken: I don’t want to offend people who are more deaf than me. So what term should I use to describe myself?

January 6, 2014


In an uncertain world, there’s one person you can turn to for dependable advice: the limping chicken. Offering sensible tips for all kinds of common deaf-related problems. Here’s the latest instalment of our ‘agony chicken’ column… Our reader, A, writes: If you’re not completely deaf, what is the term you should use? Personally, I just […]

Richard Turner: What would Nelson Mandela have thought about the lack of subtitles at the cinema?

January 6, 2014


I really wanted to go and see the new film about Nelson Mandela called ‘Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ ever since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. But it proved to be a real challenge trying to find a subtitled show of it that my wife and I could go and […]

Lizzie Ward: Looking for belonging between the deaf and hearing worlds

December 18, 2013


What does it mean to you, belonging? Does it mean belonging to a group, or to another person, or to yourself? Is belonging essential for living a happy life? Is belonging something to aim for? I have always wondered this. As individuals, do we have to belong to a particular group in order to create […]

Staci Jones: Why it’s hard, being a Deafie

November 8, 2013


As a hard of hearing person living  in the 21st century, I consider myself rather lucky in terms of care and lifestyle; I am extremely grateful I don’t have to wear ear trumpets, for example. However, there is still prejudice today that affects deaf and hard of hearing people. In school, more often than not, […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Trying (and failing) to get my hearing aids fixed

October 25, 2013


On Wednesday, my daughter woke me up with a special gift. “Your hearing aids daddy!” she said, as she handed them to me in four parts. I anxiously looked down. Left hearing aid. Check. Left ear mould, check. Right hearing aid…. AGGGHHHH. She’d snapped the elbow. That’s the bit that connects hearing aid with ear […]