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Deaf News: Hope for justice for US Deaf prisoner Felix Garcia as three-part documentary airs on TV

December 20, 2013


Last night, the first part of a three-part documentary aired on Al Jazeera America’s flagship America Tonight programme called Deaf in Prison. The story focuses on a profoundly deaf Cuban American prisoner called Felix Garcia, who was imprisoned in 1983 for a crime his brother has since confessed to. I first became aware of Felix’s story two […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Trying (and failing) to get my hearing aids fixed

October 25, 2013


On Wednesday, my daughter woke me up with a special gift. “Your hearing aids daddy!” she said, as she handed them to me in four parts. I anxiously looked down. Left hearing aid. Check. Left ear mould, check. Right hearing aid…. AGGGHHHH. She’d snapped the elbow. That’s the bit that connects hearing aid with ear […]

Deaf News: Mobile app turns iPhone into a hearing aid!

March 27, 2013


Researchers at the University of Essex have developed a free mobile app that turns an iPhone or iPod into a hearing aid, using the phone’s microphone and a set of headphon. Unlike standard hearing aids that simply amplify all sounds, the BioAid app is inspired by biology and replicates the complexities of the human ear. […]

William Mager: Billy 2.0 – Activate!

December 12, 2012


A month since the operation, and I feel fine. There is however one unfortunate side effect which I need to share with you. I can’t blow my nose properly. If I sneeze with my mouth closed, or blow my nose REALLY REALLY HARD, I feel this sudden POP under the skin of my skull covering […]

Luke Blackburn: Losing my DLA

June 29, 2012


So… Disability Living Allowance? Seems to be a piece of cake just getting it, no? I, myself, was once the proud recipient of DLA until I failed to reapply for it. I noticed that I hadn’t received DLA for quite a while and so I checked my bank account. To my despair, nothing had been […]

Deaf news: Maria Zedda interviewed for Cosmopolitan Italy!

April 3, 2012


(Photo courtesy of Chiara Ceolin, article courtesy of Alessandra Greco, Cosmopolitan Italia) When we published our interview with Maria Zedda back in February, little did we know that our interview would travel across cyberspace all the way to the offices of Italian Cosmopolitan magazine, who went on to interview her for a fantastic double page […]

Haley Sadler: Beating the bullies

March 23, 2012


“Oh you’re deaf?! Can. You. Hear. Me. Now?” These are the words of a guy I recently met in a club. It’s such a shame we live in a world where very few people are deaf aware. Don’t get me wrong, I love explaining everything about the deaf world to those who ask me about […]