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Tamsin Coates: Whatever equipment a deaf child uses, they are still deaf

April 15, 2014


‘Is there any such thing as a deaf child anymore?’ This was a question I recently overhead, spoken by an education professional who works with children who are deaf/have a hearing loss. To put their question in context the lady was relating it to the different types of technology now available which deaf children can […]

Jennifer Stuessy: The 10 most dangerous places for a hearing aid

April 3, 2014


I’m notorious for using hearing aids for a LONG time.  My first one lasted NINE years.  Another one lasted TEN. With my track record, you would think I was quite fastidious in their care, using the dri-n-store, removing the battery each night and keeping it in a little box lovingly wrapped in cloth. Truthfully, I’m […]

Amanda Richards: How my seven years of silence came to an end but my Deafness lives on

March 27, 2014


I had worn hearing aids all my life but seven years ago I was subjected to some awful abuse that destroyed my confidence and drove me away from the hearing world. The fact that I wore hearing aids and used sign was the reason my abusers targeted me. My abusers held vibrating mobile phones to […]

Karen Stockton: Not everyone can adjust to digital hearing aids after a lifetime of analogue

February 24, 2014


Every time Andy Palmer (Deputy Editor) asked me to tell the story about my experiences with digital hearing aids I have always turned him down – it was always too difficult to talk about. About 15 years ago I finally got my letter to start the transition process to move from analogue to digital hearing […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Even Castro’s ashamed of wearing hearing aids. Why?

February 13, 2014


When I heard (excuse the pun) of the controversy about Fidel Castro’s hearing aid being photoshopped out of official photographs of him meeting other world leaders, I wasn’t surprised. Glasses make people look more intelligent, don’t they? Like you read a lot, like you’ve burned the midnight oil in the library, or stared at a computer screen all your […]

Rebekah Owens: “Are you trying to find Radio One?” My early life in hearing aids

January 13, 2014


Throughout my school life I never used BSL, having been brought up in an era when the oral method was favoured. As a result, I have always been reliant on hearing aids as my main means of communication. Wearing hearing aids for 45 years means I have become used to them; and I have also […]

Charlie Swinbourne: “I was talking behind your back to test your hearing.” My bizarre second visit to my audiologist

January 7, 2014


Two months ago, I wrote about what I learned from a 15 minute visit to my local NHS audiology clinic. Just before Christmas, I had my second visit. I must admit I didn’t have high expectations, but I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did.  Again, the audiologist (my heart sank a […]