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Deaf Sex Guru: Do deaf people wear hearing aids in bed?

May 10, 2015


At weekends, we publish popular articles from our archive, which you might have missed the first time round! Tell us which articles you think should be reposted by emailing Here’s an article from an anonymous expert, who we’ll call Deaf Sex Guru (alas, not his real name). A reader asked him this question. Question: is ‘bedroom […]

Karen Stockton: Not everyone can adjust to digital hearing aids after a lifetime of analogue

March 28, 2015


Every weekend, we are publishing popular articles from our archive, which you might have missed the first time round! Tell us which articles you think should be reposted by Every time Andy Palmer (Deputy Editor) asked me to tell the story about my experiences with digital hearing aids I have always turned him down – it […]

Charlie Swinbourne: The joy of having my ears syringed

March 5, 2015


As usual, I’d waited far too long to get my ears cleaned. About a year ago (yes, a whole year), I went to get some new earmolds made, only to be told by the audiologist that there was too much wax in my ears. So I booked myself in at my local GPs practice for […]

Read: Jackie Ashley’s Guardian article on the effects of refusing people hearing aids

February 10, 2015


Jackie Ashley, daughter of the late deaf politician and campaigner Lord Jack Ashley, has written an article for the Guardian today about the long-term effects of how some parts of the NHS are now planning to refuse people hearing aids. Extract: A decent hearing aid is such a small thing. Cochlear implants cost more but can keep […]

Mahnoor Sultan: “It wasn’t until I opened up about my hearing loss that I was able to overcome it”

October 13, 2014


“Sorry? I couldn’t hear what you just said. Mind repeating that again this time?” “Wait. Could you switch off the fan? Really didn’t understand a word you just said.” These lines were my catchphrases for many years. I was born with sensorineural hearing loss. My discovery was made aged 5 when I eagerly ran to […]

Rebecca Atkinson: Why the NHS is the greatest social leveller deaf and disabled people have

September 29, 2014


Life is a bunch of straws. You pull some longs ones. You pull some short ones. Maybe you got born into a family with money. Or maybe you got born into a family on the brink of existence with barely enough to eat. You don’t get the choice. Maybe you got good health, a fully […]

The Question: Is the much-used statistic ’10 million deaf people’ helpful?

September 26, 2014


An often quoted statistic about deafness and hearing loss in the UK is that there are ten million people who have some level of deafness. It’s normally the first piece of information that’s offered to newbies on the subject. The intention of using the statistic is to make people consider that deafness or hearing loss […]