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Nancy M. Williams: The moment I told the truth about my hearing loss… in front of a packed audience at a piano recital

October 2, 2014


When I went back to the piano in my early forties, I decided not to mention my hearing loss to my teacher, Stephen. My hearing aids were the kind that audiologists refer to as half shells, the shape of two tiny apples protruding from my ears. I hoped Stephen wouldn’t notice my aids—after all, they […]

The Question: Is the much-used statistic ’10 million deaf people’ helpful?

September 26, 2014


An often quoted statistic about deafness and hearing loss in the UK is that there are ten million people who have some level of deafness. It’s normally the first piece of information that’s offered to newbies on the subject. The intention of using the statistic is to make people consider that deafness or hearing loss […]

Deborah Rehmat: Gradual hearing loss – “It’s more about not being able to understand”

September 17, 2014


“It’s not really so much about not being able to hear – it’s more about not being able to understand”. My father and I were talking on the phone when he made this remark about progressive hearing loss – something we talk about a lot these days. He has worn hearing aids for decades and […]

Robert Nieuwenhuijs: How keeping busy helped me cope with suddenly losing my hearing and balance

May 29, 2014


I woke up one morning last summer with my head spinning. I hadn’t drunk too much the night before, it was for no apparent reason. Every time I moved my head I would vomit as the room would spin and bounce around like I was being knocked about on a trampoline. I could barely walk and […]

Offensive or not? The ad for industrial noise compensation that shows a bar man speaking to a deaf customer by loud speaker

May 22, 2014


We’re not sure whether this advert for people who might seek compensation for noise-related hearing loss is the best way for a firm of solicitors to gain more business. First, by showing a bar man speaking to a deaf customer by LOUD SPEAKER, it doesn’t exactly approach the subject of deafness with any sensitivity. Second, […]

Deaf News: Researchers develop prototype of fully internal cochlear implant

May 21, 2014


American researchers have developed a prototype cochlear implant which would be entirely internal, with no visible hardware on the outside of the head. The advance is a result of collaboration between MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories and teams from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Current cochlear implant technology requires an external […]

Read: Guardian article on Usher syndrome – “Don’t define me by a condition I happen to have”

May 12, 2014


Check out the Guardian’s article, written by our Editor Charlie Swinbourne and featuring Nick Sturley, by clicking here: Extract: Nick Sturley still recalls the train journey home from a hospital visit in London when he was 10 years old. His mother sat opposite him, reassuring him that she was fine, but even at that age he was a […]