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Council’s job advert for ‘unqualified interpreter’ leads to outcry from Deaf people online

December 13, 2014


A county council’s job advert for an unqualified interpreter has led to an outcry on social media this morning. The zero hours job involves working in the council’s ASSIST department, which deals with autism and sensory support for “vulnerable” young people over the age of 16. Staffordshire County Council’s job advert, which also appears on […]

Deaf News: American Deaf woman sues to get sign language interpreter for baby’s birth

September 1, 2014


Earlier this year, a British Deaf couple made headlines when they complained about the lack of an interpreter during their baby’s birth. Things aren’t any better across the Atlantic, as this story from America shows. Extract from the Miami Herald: Sometime this month or next, Cheylla Silva will be admitted to Baptist Hospital to give […]

Kimberly Brown: 15 tips for teachers who are working with deaf students

August 5, 2014


A friend who is a college professor asked me today what she can do to aid one of her students in her class. This student has a cochlear implant, and as she knew she was limited in her knowledge, she wanted to know what she should be aware of. Her question has me thinking back […]

Meet: Alex and Guy Orlov, who have set up cSeeker, an online communication support service

July 30, 2014


The newest supporter of this site is cSeeker, which is a new company run by two Deaf brothers, Guy and Alex Orlov. Here they tell us all about themselves and their new venture. Tell me about you both? We are two Deaf brothers in our 30s, from London and Leeds. We were born in Moscow, […]

How SignHealth have been working to give Deaf people interpreting support in healthcare – and how you can help (BSL)

July 23, 2014


This is a response to Andy Palmer’s article ‘ GPs should have access to video interpreting or STTR on the road. As standard’ from Paul Welsh, SignHealth’s Communications Director. It’s a sad truth that most Deaf people will have a story just like Andy’s, and it really is time that it never happened again. He […]

Deaf News: Mock trial to examine if Deaf people can serve on jury in Australia

July 9, 2014


The Guardian has reported that a mock trial will be held in Sydney, Australia, to see whether deaf people can perform jury service. This is not only an issue in Australia. In 2010, Cathy Heffernan wrote a comment piece for the Guardian about how the UK and Ireland should include deaf jurors, just like America […]

Who cares about deaf students in higher education? A notetaker’s (anonymous) perspective

April 29, 2014


Below is an anonymous article by a notetaker who works with deaf students in higher education. Sometimes, stuck between a tutor and interpreters who really don’t seem to care, I have to ask myself if I am the only person who cares about a deaf student’s education. Sometimes the students don’t seem to care themselves. […]