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Read: Deaf couple angry with hospital over lack of interpreter during birth of son

January 20, 2014


The Guardian has published an article today detailing how a deaf couple were denied interpreting support during the birth of their son in London. Extract: A deaf couple have criticised a hospital for failing to provide them with a sign language interpreter during the traumatic birth of their son, which they say left them uninformed […]

Dana Gornall: Why I became an interpreter

January 15, 2014


Sign Language fascinated me from very early on. I have a clear memory of being in the grocery store parking lot with my mom. She was loading up the car when a man approached us and handed her a card. She pulled out a dollar and he smiled, waved at me and moved on. “What […]

Deaf News: Deaf groups complain after no interpreter provided at Ariel Sharon’s funeral

January 15, 2014


Which is worse, a fake interpreter, or no interpreter at all? Each add up to the same thing – a lack of access for Deaf people, but here’s betting that the lack of an interpreter at Ariel Sharon’s funeral in Israel gets far less coverage than the fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial did. Extract […]

Emily Howlett: The “absolutely, definitely booked” interpreter. Who didn’t exist…

January 10, 2014


Ah, that happy feeling you get when you walk past the letterbox and see you have post. That little flicker of warm humanity; somebody has taken the time to write me an actual, physical letter! The little dance down the hallway to retrieve the letter, wondering who it could be from. Endless possibilities; the Queen […]

Professor Graham Turner: 10 lessons from the tale of the ‘fake’ interpreter

December 13, 2013


We may have thought sign language interpreting reached peak prominence when the Queen was shadowed by an interpreter at the opening of the London Paralympic Games in September 2012 . Then the bar was raised when Mayor Bloomberg made announcements about Hurricane Sandy to New Yorkers and his interpreter became a media star. But all […]

Deaf News: Sign Language interpreter pictured at work with Obama in the Whitehouse

August 22, 2013


  This picture taken from Facebook shows an American Sign Language interpreter relaying President Obama’s words during a meeting at the Whitehouse. She is interpreting for Claudia Gordon (second from the right) who has recently been appointed as Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement. We wonder if Obama needed to remind the delegates […]

Deaf News: Deaf patient in Scottish hospital left without an interpreter for twelve days

March 28, 2013


A shocking report in the Scotsman has revealed how a Deaf patient was left isolated and unable to communicate for 12 days at a hospital in Scotland because of a failure to provide her with access to a sign language interpreter. The patient repeatedly asked for an interpreter, but none was provided. Following a complaint, […]