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Donna Williams: S*** people say… to sign language interpreters

November 22, 2014


Every weekend, we are publishing popular articles from our archive, which you might have missed the first time round! Tell us which articles you think should be reposted by emailing In the midst of my preparations for – or rather avoiding my preparations for Signing Hands Across the Water, I’ve been collecting some information for this post […]

Professor Graham Turner: 10 key issues relating to the Access to Work crisis (BSL)

October 30, 2014


While The Limping Chicken has made sure that Deaf people are appropriately stirred up about ATW, See Hear and William Mager have done the community a service by helping to drive this issue up the wider public agenda. Here are some of the key issues as I see them: To see this article in BSL courtesy […]

“Our collective voice will be harder for decision makers to ignore.” BSL interpreters set up their own union

May 16, 2014


In the wake of ongoing controversy about Access to Work and interpreting contracts, Limping Chicken has been told that a group of interpreters have set up their own union, called NUBSLI, which is affiliated to the Unite union. A spokesperson told us that “Establishing NUBSLI is focused on making sure the BSL profession is sustainable […]

Brett Best: Why Access to Work cuts are pulling us all down a slippery slope

May 14, 2014


Some have recently suggested that the solution to the problem with Access to Work is simply that interpreters should significantly reduce their rates. I would not reject sensible discussions about ATW rates outright, but I feel that before we all collectively acquiesce to the de-professionalisation of BSL interpreting by an external, uninformed entity, we need to […]

Deaf News: Mandela ‘fake’ interpreter claims he suffered schizophrenic episode on stage

December 12, 2013


Thamsanqa Jantjie, the sign language interpreter accused of being ‘inept’ has defended his actions at the Nelson Mandela memorial service on Tuesday, saying that he is a proficient sign language interpreter but has schizophrenia and suffered an episode while on stage. Mr Jantjie also claimed that he is a qualified interpreter for the ‘SA Interpreting’ […]

Emily Howlett: Do we appreciate sign language interpreters enough?

December 10, 2013


We all like a good interpreter, don’t we? Who isn’t instantly uplifted upon meeting their communication assistant and realising that they not only know their stuff, they know yours too? Recently, I have worked with a number of interpreters I had never met before. This is due to a number of reasons, none of them […]

Deaf News: Facebook video shows deaf patient confused and anxious in hospital

July 30, 2013


A harrowing video has been posted on Facebook of a deaf female hospital patient who apparently doesn’t know what drugs have been given to her and doesn’t know where she’s being taken to as her bed gets wheeled away. Jasmine Jo, from London, made the video on her hospital bed using her mobile phone to […]