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Deaf News: Ofcom study reveals average 5.6 second delay in live subtitles – nearly DOUBLE recommended delay

April 30, 2014


Ofcom today published its first report on the quality of live TV subtitles provided by broadcasters in the UK, looking at the accuracy, speed and latency (delay between speech and the subtitle appearing) of live subtitles. Subtitles are used by over a million people with hearing impairments to watch TV. Addressing concerns from viewers, Ofcom […]

Teresa Garratty: 10 reasons why subtitles are freaking awesome!

July 12, 2013


I have a bit of a personal gripe when it comes to those who find subtitles ‘annoying,’ so I thought I’d compile a list that I can hand to them, shutting them up, and leaving me to watch The Big Bang Theory in peace! 1. First up, and most importantly, some people NEED English subtitles […]

Subtitle Fail: Andy Murray’s “bigamist” umpire at Wimbledon

July 3, 2013


You’ve got to commend a commentator (and a live subtitler) who give their audience the information they need to know, even if it’s during a quarter final match at Wimbledon. Let’s hope – for the umpire’s sake – that his wives weren’t watching. Note: The subtitles were corrected soon after – to “big miss!” That […]

Deaf News: Ofcom to force broadcasters to report on the quality of live TV subtitles for the first time

May 17, 2013


Ofcom have announced that they will require TV broadcasters to report on the quality of their live subtitling for the first time. The regulator is also proposing a time delay on live subtitles so there is no longer a delay between speech and the subtitles appearing on screen. Up until now, broadcasters have only been […]

Watch: BBC Newswatch item on live subtitles (with live subtitles)

April 8, 2013


When I saw this (thanks to Twitter’s @Tony_Sutton) I wondered whether television was about to eat itself. An item on live subtitles, with live subtitles? Mercifully, although the subtitles went awol for a little while (see below), the BBC (or Red Bee Media) must have brought out their subtitling top guns for the item because […]

Subtitle fail: Divine intervention on the football pitch as God comes off the bench to help Bolton Wanderers score

December 17, 2012


On a Sunday morning, I often sneak a look at the football highlights as my wife has a well-deserved lie in upstairs and the kids run wildly around the room. I’m educating them about the game – my eldest has become a Nottingham Forest supporter (she says) and knows what the difference between a header […]

Deaf News: Action on Hearing Loss survey shows 46% of deaf people unhappy with news subtitles

December 13, 2012


  The UK charity Action on Hearing Loss is calling on producers of television news programmes to ensure that timely and accurate subtitles are available for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, following a survey by the charity which showed 46% of respondents experienced problems with television news subtitling. The charity used data […]