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Rebecca-Anne Withey: How mindfulness helped me when I became a mum

June 1, 2015


Once upon a time, back in the day, loooong before I became a Mum, practising mindfulness was just like practising another hobby. I had lots of time to fit it in and freedom of choice as to when and where I did it. I recall long slow mornings that followed a predictable routine; mindful yoga […]

Emily Howlett: I no longer accept responsibility for not hearing what my son says (no matter how bad the tantrum)

November 28, 2014


A little while ago I wrote about the recent heart-wrenching change that had occurred in my life as a Deaf Mum; my little man deciding to drop the signing in favour of speech. Although it took me by surprise at the time, I can now conclusively say that I’ve got used to it and… It’s […]

Emily Howlett: For my young son, signing is last week’s trick. Speech has taken over…

October 14, 2014


Do you know, even before there was the remotest chance I might ever become a mother, I was a great believer in the brilliance of babies signing. I don’t mean ‘baby sign’; that chubby hand waving that bears no resemblance to BSL or assistance to communication beyond being cute to watch, which I still harbour […]

Kimberly Brown: The advantages of being a deaf parent to hearing children

August 13, 2014


I’ve written before about many of the challenges I face as a deaf parent raising three hearing children. Communication obviously is a challenging aspect, particularly in the years from infancy to childhood. Raising hearing children to speak properly and communicate well with their deaf parent(s) takes a bit of effort, and support from family members. […]

Andy Palmer: 10 situations when knowing sign language can help any deaf child (BSL)

July 18, 2014


Many severely or profoundly deaf kids these days wear cochlear implants or hearing aids. Some parents, new to the experience of having deaf children and advised by audiologists and scientists, may think that sign language seems unnecessary and their focus wholly falls on listening skills and speech development. But what happens when things don’t go to plan? Like […]

Tamsin Coates: Trying to communicate in the dark for my sons’ night vision tests

May 13, 2014


Recently, I took my eldest son to an appointment and faced my ‘nemesis’ – the night vision eye tests. I first faced this experience about ten years ago when the boys were both small, Campbell a baby and Cameron a toddler. At the time, both relied completely on sign language to understand the world around […]

Emily Howlett: 9 milestones deaf parents should record

May 6, 2014


Have you seen any of these hugely popular ‘Baby Milestones’ things? They’re generally books, or lists, or online checkboxes of gorgeous and lovely things your little one will do, so that you can record precisely when each happened for the first time. Today baby grew a tooth! Hurray, baby! You will need a few more before […]