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Watch: Irina Drytchak’s poem CODA about being a Child Of Deaf Adults

April 20, 2015


Irina Drytchak got in touch with us last week to tell us about a signed poetry clip she has written and performed in, which was filmed and edited by Deaf director Bim Ajadi. The clip has voiceover and subtitles. She says: “The aim of the poem is to share my experiences with people and especially […]

Poem: Martyn Brown’s ‘Moving Pictures’

March 22, 2013


One face at a time Keep the subject well lit No shadow or obstacle To mar a clear headshot The challenge can now begin * The context is all Peripheral vision Adding gesture and meaning Drawing the eyes inside To highlight the vocal point * Naked or pierced Painted pillar box red Perpetual motion lips […]

Deaf News: CBeebies series to feature children’s poetry in sign language

February 27, 2013


CBeebies has commissioned a brand new and groundbreaking series for the channel featuring poetry translated into British Sign Language, it was announced today. A co-commission with BBC Learning, Magic Hands (30×5) presents modern and classic poetry for children in a way that has never been seen before. Across the series, the Magic Hands presenting team […]

Poem: Colin Thomson’s ‘For You’

February 8, 2013


I’m here, you’re there Someplace, somewhere A time to share * Days will come and days will go See the kids they grow, so fast Will anything last? * Staring at the empty chair Look at the wrong time, you’re not there It’s a lovely day but it might as well rain * But then […]

Poem: Martyn Brown’s ‘Snow’

January 25, 2013


Snow; the modelling clay of children young and old Bringing sudden demand for coal, carrot, flat cap, scarf and pipe Snow; the great leveller, disguising the landscape Softening its edges, absorbing the sounds of nature and man Snow; the stunning beauty, pouting picture perfect A panorama of Wensleydale cheese on fruit cake footings Snow; the […]

Poem: ‘Identity’ by Martyn Brown

January 18, 2013


IDENTITY For far too long I took the coward’s way The sheep that never strayed From the safety of sameness Anonymous Comforted by shadows Evading detection Making my presence unheard Stubbornly proud To suffer in silence No voice to call my own Confidence ebbing away Buried the truth Less chance of rejection An air of […]

Poem: ‘If I told you I was deaf would you turn away’ by Colin Thomson

January 11, 2013


If I told you I was deaf would you turn away Or would I read your lips that tell me its ok Would you understand if I start to use my hands And tell you how I feel If I tried to speak and the words weren’t complete Would you smile and think less of […]