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Emily Howlett: All the election information in one place for Deaf voters

April 30, 2015


In just over a week, on 7th May 2015, the United Kingdom of Great Britain will hold their General Election. By placing our votes, we will help elect our local Member of Parliament (MP). A short video explaining the election process can be found here: (click on ‘Settings’ to open captions/subtitles). Below are easy links to all the party Manifestos, […]

Penny Batchelor: Why is it only the Green Party who are after the Deaf and disabled vote?

April 29, 2015


The manifestoes are out, the politicians’ gloves are off and there’s just over a week to go until polling day. Yet until recently, finding a concrete, worked through disability welfare policy in the parties’ manifestoes has been like looking for the Marie Celeste. As a physically disabled and deaf woman I’m very interested in political parties’ […]

Richard Turner: Deaf people and politics – how I saw the big deaf debate

March 23, 2015


I find it sad that so many of us feel disengaged, mistrustful and disillusioned with our politicians. People feel that they are too professional, too detached and they don’t represent the people who voted them in. This is especially the case for many people in the deaf and hard of hearing community, who feel so […]

Toby Dawson: Deaf people need access to debates including all seven political parties, too

March 3, 2015


The UK’s broadcasters have acknowledged the changing political landscape in the UK by including leaders of seven political parties in their upcoming TV debates. I think that it is absolutely imperative that Deaf BSL users are being treated just like their hearing counterparts in terms of information from the seven political parties. It is disappointing to […]

Deaf News: MPs formally back Access to Work campaign after Deaf people converge on Parliament

March 20, 2014


Labour MP Sir Alan Meale has tabled an Early Day Motion asking the government to review its changes to Access to Work support for deaf people. Sir Alan Meale is the MP in Mansfield where John Smith, prominent member of the Deaf community and comedian, lives. He is said to have tabled the motion after […]

Deaf Lobby Day: Hundreds of Deaf people set to ask their MP’s for change at Westminster

February 7, 2014


Hundreds of deaf people are set to descend on Westminster on March 17th to lobby MPs and bring their campaign for better rights into the corridors of power. Deaf Lobby Day is being held in Parliament’s historic  Westminster Hall. Up to 500 deaf people can attend in what could be the biggest ever mass gathering […]

Deaf News: Seven deaf groups meet at Westminster to discuss Communication Support Bill

November 25, 2013


Seven deaf organisations and groups representing the deaf community (the D7) are meeting in London today to plot the next steps for Sir Malcolm Bruce MP’s Communication Support Bill. The Bill didn’t progress beyond its second reading last month because it ran out of time for debate. Today, the leading groups from the deaf world […]