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Read: Jenny Sealey’s Guardian blog: “We will not let government cuts make us invisible”

April 14, 2015


The Artistic Director of Graeae theatre company, Jenny Sealey, who is Deaf, has written a blog for the Guardian about the effect of Access to Work cuts on both her work and the work of Graeae. In the article she explains how her work has been limited by a lack of sign language support, and […]

Rebecca-Anne Withey: Sign language shouldn’t be used for novelty value by people who don’t understand its content

April 14, 2015


As someone who works in signed song – that is, performing songs in sign language – my first priority is always the comprehension of the signs. I take the responsibility of making lyrics accessible verrrrry seriously. That doesn’t mean they have to look uninteresting, however. Oh no. One of the most beautiful aspects of working […]

Meriah Nichols: I don’t agree that sign language will die out because of technology

April 10, 2015


Andrew Solomon wrote a book called “Far From the Tree” that was all the rage a couple of years ago. In it, he explores identity through analyzing multiple disabilities, along with homosexuality, children of rape, prodigies and transgendered people. It has taken me literally all this time to work my way through the deaf chapter. Whenever […]

Jen Dodds: BSL/English interpreters are for hearing people too (BSL)

April 1, 2015


Since I wrote an article for NUBSLI recently, I’ve been thinking about how words affect the way we behave and do stuff. To watch this article in BSL, press play below. Or scroll down to read it in English. After all, as I said in that article, “BSL interpreter” doesn’t actually mean anything. The correct […]

Meriah Nichols: About that Samsung advert everyone’s talking about…

March 16, 2015


This ad by Samsung is going viral – I know this because I was sent it by no less than 5 people and whenever I’m sent something by no less than 5 people, something is seriously going VIRAL! The product itself looks cool and I want to know more about it. But I was left […]

Maartje De Meulder: Finland’s new sign language act was approved yesterday. Here’s what it means

March 13, 2015


Yesterday, the Finnish Parliament voted in favour of the “Sign Language Act”. Now the first thing you might think when you read this is ‘Wait a minute, didn’t they already have recognition legislation’? And you’re right. Finland has had constitutional recognition since 1995. Section 17 on the ‘Right to one’s language and culture’, which makes […]

Deaf News: Deaf brothers chosen for national Entrepreneurial Spark programme

February 12, 2015


Two deaf brothers are taking part in the UK-wide Entrepreneurial Spark programme, launched in Birmingham this month in partnership with the NatWest Bank, as they develop their communication support website, (who are also a supporter of this site). Guy, 30, and Alex Orlov, 35, are among 80 small businesses and start-ups participating in the city’s […]