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Watch: Ofcom’s Peter Bourton talks to See Hear about the new consultation for sign language on TV

September 17, 2014


Ofcom are currently looking for responses from Deaf people about whether they think TV channels should contribute more towards sign language provision on TV (find out more about that here). Here, Peter Bourton talks to See Hear’s William Mager about the regulation of subtitled and signed television in the UK, and what the consultation aims […]

Emily Howlett: What it’s like to be a deaf auntie

August 29, 2014


It’s one thing being a mother. It’s quite another being a deaf mother. And being a deaf auntie is a whole different ball game. At least when you are the parent of a brat, you are allowed to acknowledge that it is, indeed, a brat and decide how you will deal with it. You don’t […]

Joseph Santini: How Deaf students can avoid isolation when they first start university or college

August 27, 2014


Gallaudet University is the world’s only liberal arts university for Deaf people. It’s a wonderful place, and definitely more accessible for a Deaf scholar than most, but chances are you don’t go there. Most Deaf teenagers in America and around the world go to non-deaf universities and colleges. In discussions and interviews certain themes about getting […]

Kimberly Brown: 15 tips for teachers who are working with deaf students

August 5, 2014


A friend who is a college professor asked me today what she can do to aid one of her students in her class. This student has a cochlear implant, and as she knew she was limited in her knowledge, she wanted to know what she should be aware of. Her question has me thinking back […]

Vicky Pannell: Why I’ve helped two Gambian Sign Language Interpreters to attend ASLI’s conference in September

July 30, 2014


Over the past few weeks, I have been involved in trying to arrange for two Gambian Sign Language Interpreters to come to the UK in September for the ASLI conference. So, how did I – a BSL interpreter based in London, suddenly find myself negotiating the red tape and dealing with the logistical nightmare of […]

How SignHealth have been working to give Deaf people interpreting support in healthcare – and how you can help (BSL)

July 23, 2014


This is a response to Andy Palmer’s article ‘ GPs should have access to video interpreting or STTR on the road. As standard’ from Paul Welsh, SignHealth’s Communications Director. It’s a sad truth that most Deaf people will have a story just like Andy’s, and it really is time that it never happened again. He […]

Jen Dodds: More deaf people should post signed videos online, no matter how fluent they are (BSL)

July 21, 2014


Scroll down the page to see this article signed by Jen in BSL, or click here! So, I’ve poured water over my head on Facebook, and seen everyone else do it too, coming to the conclusion that we deaf people are really quite bonkers. (I know the water tipping thing was started by a hearing […]