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Emily Howlett: Dangermouse v Rastamouse! Accessible children’s television through the years

July 8, 2014


When I was little, the television was huge and terrifying. No, really. It was a beast of a thing that took up half the living room, despite having only a teeny tiny screen. My sister usually wanted to watch Button Moon or The Clangers, but I was too little to really bother about this weird, […]

Deaf News: Sky TV source indicates online subtitles could be on the way

May 30, 2014


Members of the subtitle campaign group Love Subtitles have been contacted by Sky TV and been given an indication that subtitles will be added to online and on demand content sooner rather than later. While no firm details can be revealed yet, a member of the group said that a source from Sky had been […]

Deaf News: Subtitle protestors have Sky TV in their sights

May 29, 2014


Following Love Film / Amazon’s commitment to subtitling their online video content, subtitle campaigners are turning their attention to Sky TV once again. Sky TV will be the only remaining provider out of the big three in the UK, including Netflix, not to provide subtitles on their online or on demand content. Netflix have provided […]

The fight with Amazon over subtitles isn’t over yet, says subtitle campaigner McDermid

May 16, 2014


Stephanie McDermid, the campaigner that started a petition about subtitles against LOVEFiLM says that the fight is not over to make sure the company, now called Amazon Prime, fulfils its promise to begin subtitling its streaming content this year. Stephanie launched her petition in November last year calling on the company to make it clear […]

Teresa Garratty: Is it time for deaf people to be a little less angry?

April 7, 2014


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there seem to be an awful lot of angry Deaf people about. I bet some of you are already becoming enraged by reading that last sentence. Now, calm down dear! After all, life’s too short and I’m not even bothered. See? Look at my face… I’m not exactly […]

Watch: BBC Breakfast News’ cochlear implant debates – with subtitles

April 1, 2014


After the video of a woman’s response to having her cochlear implant switched on went viral last week, BBC Breakfast News hosted a debate with William Mager (Series Producer of See Hear) and Craig Crowley (CEO of Action Deafness) in which they discussed the issue of how cochlear implants are viewed by the media, against […]

Richard Turner: Cinemas still don’t seem to care about deaf film lovers

March 6, 2014


Watching the highlights of the Oscar ceremony last night reminded me of how much I love watching a good film. It was great to see ’12 Years A Slave’ win best picture. I watched a captioned screening of this film recently at the cinema and I thought it was one of the best films I’ve […]