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Richard Turner: Subtitles need to go back to the future

June 3, 2015


In 2003 Tony Blair was still Prime Minister. ‘Friends’ was running its last series, Facebook had only just been launched worldwide and Apple’s iTunes store had only just been developed. That was also the year that I got my first Nokia 3200 mobile phone. It was state of the art technology at the time. I […]

Samuel Dore: What I thought of Sony’s subtitled glasses for cinemas

March 17, 2015


Earlier this week I was invited by Tim Potter, Sony Professional Europe’s Business Development Manager, to a demonstration of their Entertainment Access Glasses. I expressed an interest in how they could be a solution for a more personal cinema experience and give deaf people the chance to watch any film at any time without worrying […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Sky need to smarten up about offering deaf customers subtitles for on-demand services

February 19, 2015


When I transferred our TV services from Virgin to Sky last year, one thing that really helped me do so was being able to negotiate our package by using Live Chat to talk to an adviser. For me, that’s a big help, because it means I don’t have to use the phone, and I feel […]

Samuel Dore: The Frustrations of being a Deaf Cinephile

February 4, 2015


I’m a kid of the 70’s and the 80’s when everything was analogue and celluloid. It was the era of the summer blockbuster, and we had films from Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones), George Lucas (Star Wars), RobertZemeckis (Back to the Future), Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) and Joe Dante (Gremlins). This meant as a Deaf child I loved […]

Deaf News: Ofcom publishes second report on quality of live subtitles

November 11, 2014


Ofcom has published its second report on the quality of live subtitles in UK TV programmes. The report shows that broadcasters are beginning to make improvements in some areas of subtitling. However, it finds that some issues – such as the delays between speech and the corresponding subtitle appearing on screen, known as latency – remain […]

Ask the chicken: My husband won’t let me turn on the subtitles on TV. What should I do?

October 26, 2014


Here’s another popular article from our archive, first published in May 2013. Tell us which articles you think should be reposted by emailing In an uncertain world, there’s one person you can turn to for dependable advice: the limping chicken. Offering sensible advice for all kinds of common deaf-related problems. Without further ado, here’s the first […]

“It’s amazing to find out that someone has gone back to the theatre after a 10 year absence.” Meet outgoing STAGETEXT CEO, Tabitha Allum

August 14, 2014


After ten years leading STAGETEXT, the charity that work to provide access to theatre and the arts through captioning and speech-to-text, their Chief Executive Tabitha Allum is moving on. Our Editor Charlie Swinbourne, who worked for the charity for one year, interviewed her about her experiences and the legacy she leaves behind. How did you […]