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Deaf News: Ofcom study reveals average 5.6 second delay in live subtitles – nearly DOUBLE recommended delay

April 30, 2014


Ofcom today published its first report on the quality of live TV subtitles provided by broadcasters in the UK, looking at the accuracy, speed and latency (delay between speech and the subtitle appearing) of live subtitles. Subtitles are used by over a million people with hearing impairments to watch TV. Addressing concerns from viewers, Ofcom […]

Ted Evans: Is the ‘Sign Safe’ way of making Deaf films holding Deaf filmmakers back?

November 15, 2013


As filmmakers, we all want to improve our films and we want more people to watch them, both hearing and deaf. We want larger audiences so that we can continue to make films. Otherwise we are making films for a very small minority – which is fine so long as that is what the filmmaker […]

Watch: The BSL Zone’s Punk Chef tries to convert a Deaf man who eats 26 packets of crisps a day!

November 11, 2013


The BSL Zone’s cooking expert Punk Chef (aka Scott Garthwaite) has a mission: to get the Deaf community eating better, cooking better and feeling better! In the fifth episode of the current series, which was shown on TV and online for the first time this morning, Punk Chef takes on his biggest challenge yet – converting the […]

Donna Williams: Why everyone should give Big Brother winner Sam Evans a break

August 29, 2013


A few days ago, I wrote a blog post on DeafFirefly congratulating Sam on his success on Big Brother, but I have seen some ‘Sam-bashing’ online, from both deaf and hearing people. Let me explain why I think this is unfair. I’m deaf. I was raised oral and mainstream, words that are fairly innocuous in […]

Big Brother Update: Deaf housemate Sam is nominated for eviction!

July 23, 2013


Day 37, Friday 19/7 Eviction day started in ‘jail’ for Dan, Charlie, Callum and Gina for breaching the rules the previous night and jumping in the pool. In the Diary room, Sam talked about how he would feel if Callum left the house. Big Brother asked why would he feel like an outsider if Callum […]

Teresa Garratty: 10 reasons why subtitles are freaking awesome!

July 12, 2013


I have a bit of a personal gripe when it comes to those who find subtitles ‘annoying,’ so I thought I’d compile a list that I can hand to them, shutting them up, and leaving me to watch The Big Bang Theory in peace! 1. First up, and most importantly, some people NEED English subtitles […]

Big Brother Update: Sam teaches the house some sign language

June 21, 2013


Day 5 Monday 17th June Today starts with the house accidentally revealing to Michael that they knew he was the only one going to be nominating.  Despite all their theories though they still haven’t twigged he knew they knew!  Nor that his whole purpose there is controlled by the public. Jackie and Charlie (Mother and […]