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Review: The play ‘Threepenny Opera’ by Graeae Theatre Company

February 28, 2014


Graeae Theatre Company do not like to make life easy for themselves. This latest offering, Three Penny Opera, is their own interpretation of an English adaptation of a German translation of the English ‘Beggar’s Opera’. Clearly, the script has already been through the mill a few times.  Can it possibly still be fresh and relevant? […]

Review: The play ‘Frozen’ – by Fingersmiths theatre company

February 20, 2014


The new Fingersmiths production, ‘Frozen’ is a brave and dark choice. We are invited to follow the lives of three distinct characters; Nancy, a traumatised mother whose daughter, Rhona, has been abducted and murdered by Ralph, and Agnetha, a criminal psychologist trying to work out if his crimes are due to evil or illness. Fingersmiths […]

Review: Deafinitely Theatre’s ‘Two’ – by Donna Williams

January 9, 2014


On 14th November I had a lovely birthday treat – a trip to London to see Deafinitely Theatre’s production of Jim Cartwright’s TWO, which was on at Southwark Playhouse from 24th October – 16th November. This classic play is set in a traditional pub, with the Landlord and Landlady shutting up for the last time, […]

“YouTube’s auto captions? Don’t make me laugh!” Meet Claire Hill, expert stenographer!

April 17, 2013


I first worked with Claire Hill when she provided speech-to-text for live comedy at Soho Theatre. I was amazed at how quickly and accurately the words that the comedians spoke appeared on screen. Put it this way, if Claire was providing live subtitles on TV on a constant basis, we wouldn’t have nearly as many […]

Ginny Kanka: How subtitled talks provided by STAGETEXT reduce the stress of trying to lipread!

April 9, 2013


For decades, art galleries had FREE lunchtime talks - something I’ve always wanted to go but didn’t – as the talks would have fallen on my deaf ears. So there was ecstatic joy for me when such talks became supported by live speech-to-text. It is brilliant! The text is transcribed live and appears on a screen, […]

Meet: Kinny Gardner, who set up Krazy Kat theatre company

March 4, 2013


As a child, it was a puppet show that first fired Edinburgh-born actor/ director Kinny Gardner’s love of theatre and opera. Now based in Brighton, where he runs the acclaimed children’s theatre company Krazy Kat, the 53-year-old recalls that a glimpse backstage was a life- changing experience, and one that introduced him to the world […]

Rebecca-Anne Withey: A mirrored world – provided by Birmingham’s Integreat Theatre

February 15, 2013


Birmingham’s drama group for deaf and hearing actors, Integreat, presented me with a very interesting notion with their performance of Mirror last year. The production was unlike any other I’d seen, amateur or otherwise. The story, very cleverly written and performed, depicted a world where the norms had been reversed and its effects were mirrored. […]