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Molly Watt: How my new Apple Watch suits me having Usher Syndrome

May 12, 2015


Having known about the Apple Watch for some time and knowing lots of my friends were planning to buy one, I was sceptical as my needs are quite different to that of those of the sighted and hearing. I have to rely on specific accessible features. However, I was curious as Apple products have been […]

“Do you like being called ‘brave'”? Rebecca Atkinson highlights the irony of Usher in the Deaf community (BSL)

February 18, 2015


Do you like being called brave? Brave for facing the world ‘in spite’ of your deafness? Have you ever been called inspirational? Not for a big achievement like finding a vaccination for cancer, but for just getting yourself dressed and out of the door ‘in spite’ of your deafness? Have you ever felt like the […]

Nick Sturley: 10 ways people positively survive having Usher Syndrome (BSL)

November 13, 2014


Having Usher syndrome, a genetic condition that combines deafness and visual impairment, can be very challenging, as it is hard to avoid problems, isolation and feeling negative. All people with Usher syndrome are different individually; have different degrees of dual sensory loss; and have different methods of tackling their own obstacles on a daily basis. […]

Nick Sturley: 10 gripes that people with Usher syndrome share

May 30, 2014


Having Usher syndrome there is never a single day that goes without a gripe or two when we would say: “Oh, give me a break!” to those who aren’t fully aware of our circumstances. I wrote the ten things people with Usher syndrome like about having Usher syndrome back in February. This is the light-hearted […]

Read: Guardian article on Usher syndrome – “Don’t define me by a condition I happen to have”

May 12, 2014


Check out the Guardian’s article, written by our Editor Charlie Swinbourne and featuring Nick Sturley, by clicking here: Extract: Nick Sturley still recalls the train journey home from a hospital visit in London when he was 10 years old. His mother sat opposite him, reassuring him that she was fine, but even at that age he was a […]

Nick Sturley: 10 things people with Usher syndrome like about having Usher syndrome!

February 10, 2014


It’s not that we really like having Usher. In fact, we really hate it because it doesn’t make our lives easy and we have to cope with it on a daily basis. But we always have to be positive. There’s no point in sitting in a corner and be miserable about it. We have to […]

Nick Sturley: How having Usher Syndrome changed my life. Part 3 – Adjusting to a new life

November 18, 2013


Before reading this, make sure you’ve read the first part of Nick’s article by clicking here, and the second part by clicking here. About a year later, I retired from work at a ripe old age of thirty–one. Despite the human and technological resources I had at the BDA through Access to Work, I could no longer […]