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Charlie Swinbourne
Charlie set up Limping Chicken in 2012 and broke the worldwide news story about the fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. He is also a Deaf filmmaker making documentaries, comedies and dramas, and a journalist (Guardian, BBC Online), covering Deaf culture and issues. He has appeared on BBC News, Radio 4 and BBC2’s Watchdog.
Personal website: charlieswinbourne.com
Twitter: @Charlie_Swin
The ten annoying habits of hearing people / The ten annoying habits of deaf people

Regular Writers

Picture 2Andy Palmer
Andy volunteers for the Peterborough and District Deaf Children’s Society on their website, deaf football coaching and other events as well as working for a hearing loss charity.
Twitter: @LC_andyp

photo (2)

Jen Dodds 
When she’s not looking after chickens or children, Jen can be found translating, proofreading and editing stuff over at Team HaDo Ltd (teamhado.com).


teresa garratty

Teresa Garratty
Teresa is a freelance film maker, photographer and full time cynic. At school, she was voted “Most likely to end up in a lunatic asylum”, a fate which has thus far been avoided. Her pet hates are telephones, intercoms and all living things.

Emily Howlett 
Emily is a profoundly Deaf actress, writer and horsewoman.
Personal website: http://www.ehowlett.co.uk/
Twitter: @EHowlett

Ian Noon
Ian has been profoundly deaf since birth, giving him an interesting perspective “on what needs to change for deaf children and young people in the UK. It also means I have very questionable taste in music.”
Blog: Musings from a deaf campaigner

-1John Walker
John Walker is a senior research fellow at University of Brighton. Deaf, and sign language user by informed choice.
Blog: http://deafcapital.blog.com
Twitter: @chereme

Molly WattMolly Watt
Molly has Usher Syndrome and spearheads her own charity, The Molly Watt Trust, where she actively raises awareness of Usher Syndrome. She is Sense’s youngest Ambassador, a motivational speaker and avid blogger. Website:  www.mollywatt.com or her charity website: www.molly-watt-trust.org

Donna Williams
Donna Williams is a deaf writer and blogger living in Bristol and studying part-time in Cardiff. As well as being a postgrad student, she’s a BSL poet, freelance writer, NDCS Deaf Role Model presenter, and occasional performer.
Blog: http://deaffirefly.wordpress.com
Twitter: @DeafFirefly
S*** people say to sign language interpreters

TerpsichoresMuseRebecca-Anne Withey
Rebecca Anne Withey is a freelance writer with a background in Performing Arts & Holistic health. She is also profoundly deaf, a sign language user and pretty great lipreader. Her holistic practices and qualifications include Mindfulness, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Reiki.  She writes on varied topics close to her heart in the hope that they may serve to inspire others.

Other writers

  • Anonymous (various)
  • Russell Aldersson
  • Sadaqat Ali
  • Angie Aspinall
  • Alice Archer
  • Andrew Arthur
  • Rebecca Atkinson
  • Arnaud Balard
  • Tony Barlow
  • Georgie Barraclough
  • Penny Batchelor
  • Husna Begum
  • Fran Benson
  • Brett Best
  • Edis Bevan
  • Bianca Birdsey
  • Luke Blackburn
  • Tim Blackwell
  • Isobel Blakeley
  •  Aaron Brace
  • Colette Brewer
  • British Society for Mental Health and Deafness
  • Daniel Brown
  • Kimberly Brown
  • Kirsten Brown
  • Martyn Brown
  • Alison Bryan
  • Laraine Callow
  • Sarah Chapman
  • Helen Cherry
  • Amy Claridge
  • Steve Claridge
  • Jade Chapman
  • Tamsin Coates
  • Joe Collins
  • Jane Cordell
  • Steve Claridge
  • Adrean Clark
  • Nicola Clarkson
  • Reg Cobb 
  • Catherine Cooper
  • John Cradden
  • Eleanor Craik
  • Jim Cromwell
  • Craig Crowley
  • Moira Dancer
  • James Davies
  • Toby Dawson
  • DCAL (Deafness Cognition and Language Centre)
  • Bazza Deaf
  • Deafax
  • Gavin Dean
  • Matt Dixon
  • Kelly Dougher
  • Sam Dore
  • Gaston Dorren
  • Catherine Drake
  • Bob Duncan
  • Laura Dunn
  • Alexy Dury
  • Susan Eagling
  • Bethany Eason
  • Phil Eastwood
  • Joyce Edmiston
  • Elizabeth, aka (e
  • Jackie Emmart
  • Juliet England
  • Ted Evans
  • Amanda Everitt
  • Julie Fahnestock
  • Michael Fahey
  • Becky Fenton-Ree
  • Cathy Fletcher
  • Kate Foggo
  • Callum Fox
  • Tobie Fysh
  • Ni Gallant
  • Vicki Galt
  • Ayesha Gavin
  • Darryl Gee
  • Steve Gibson
  • Chyanne Golding
  • Benjamin Gorman
  • Dana Gornall
  • PJ Gribbin
  • Aliya Gulamani
  • Mike Gulliver
  • Fraser Gunn
  • Matthew Gurney
  • Mija Gwyn
  • Kristen Hansen Brakeman
  • Jan Harris
  • Laura Hawksworth
  • Mike Hawthorne
  • Paul Harrison
  • Zoe Harrison
  • Christina Hartmann
  • Andrew Hearn
  • Jenn Hearn
  • Michelle Hedley
  • Cathy Heffernan
  • Lianne Herbert
  • Simon Herdman
  • Nikki Heywood
  • Amanda Holland
  • Melinda Hildebrandt
  • Rachel Hubbard
  • Shona Hudson
  • Anna Hughes
  • Jill Hipson
  • Honour Hoskins
  • Becca Hume
  • Kim Hungerford
  • Robert Hunter
  • Sarah Invermee
  • Beth Jamieson
  • Oliver Jeannel
  • Graham Johnston
  • Matthew Johnston
  • Erika Jones
  • Katrina Jones
  • Staci Jones
  • Leah Kalaitzi
  • Sylvia Kenneth
  • Herbert Klein
  • Chris Kubwimana
  • Annelies Kusters
  • Suzanne Lagan
  • Pauline Latchem
  • Mark Levin
  • Tabitha Laksimi
  • Sarah Lawrence
  • Erika Levi
  • Alison Leach
  • Kate Lister
  • Stephen Lloyd
  • Linda Liulo
  • William Mager
  • Deirdre Maguire
  • Tariq Mahmood
  • Robert Mandara
  • Kerena Marchant
  • Tamara Marshall
  • Paul Martin
  • Jenny McAllister
  • Elizabeth McDermott
  • Martin McLean
  • Andy McNicoll
  • Ali Macnaughton
  • Maartje De Meulder
  • Samira Mohammed
  • Martine Monksfield
  • Rebecca Rose Mundy
  • Nadia Nadarajah
  • Mark Nelson
  • Laura Newcombe
  • Meriah Nichols
  • Robert Nieuwenhuijs
  • Sean Noone
  • Alex Nowak
  • John Owens
  • Rebekah Owens
  • Helen Oxlade
  • Liam O’Dell
  • Geraldine O’Halloran
  • Ceilidh O’Sullivan
  • Vicky Pannell
  • Reema Patel
  • Judy Perry
  • Julie Platts
  • Sarah Playforth
  • Shane Prendergast
  • Joanne Poulton
  • Karen Putz
  • Michelle Quayle
  • Hameeda Raj
  • Philipp Rathmer
  • Lily Rayne
  • Deborah Rehmat
  • Jonathan Reid
  • Amanda Richards
  • Linda Richards
  • Lee Robertson
  • Kim Rodger
  • Jacky Rooney-Nelson
  • Coco Roschaert
  • Kate Rowley
  • Haley Sadler
  • Sean Sadlier
  • Joseph Santini
  • Lana Senchal
  • Tara Sethi
  • Tom Seymour
  • Joanne Skeels
  • Adam Schembri
  • Emma Sharrock
  • Anthony Smale
  • Catherine Small
  • Smash
  • AJW Smith
  • John Smith
  • Sarah Smith
  • Roy Staines
  • Tom Staniford
  • Pierce Starre
  • Louise Stern
  • Ed Stevens
  • Lara Steward
  • Karen Stockton
  • Jennifer Stuessy
  • Mahnoor Sultan
  • Maggi Summerhill
  • Jennifer Stuessy
  • Ady Swinbourne
  • Phoebe Tay
  • Tiger Mother
  • Leigh Taylor
  • Lynette Taylor
  • Wouter Thielen
  • Gary Thomas
  • Colin Thomson
  • Darren Thorman
  • Darren Townsend-Handscomb
  • Joshua Trett
  • Amanda Turner
  • Professor Graham Turner
  • Laura Jane Turner
  • Richard Turner
  • Sasha Thorpe
  • Michael Uniacke
  • Jason Wagner
  • Lizzie Ward
  • Esta Watson
  • Kim Webster
  • Lesley Weatherson
  • Dave Weeds
  • Trizia Wells
  • Paul Welsh
  • Catherine White
  • Robin Wikes
  • Kathryn Wilkins
  • Corey Williams
  • Gary Williams
  • Dr Graham Williams
  • Nancy M Williams
  • Amy Willamson
  • Rob Wilks
  • Tyron Woolfe
  • Sophie Woolley
  • Asher Woodman-Worrell
  • Joanna Wootten
  • Gaynor Young
7 Responses “Writers” →
  1. Just watched See Hear 6th March 2013 subject speech reading
    Yes I am a super speech reader! However feel See Hears test should have read each word once then repeated again at the end (the second time round)

  2. Is there any way in which I could contact your writer Andy Palmer? I wanted to ask for some advice regarding career options after his reply to a comment of mine a while ago.

  3. Hi All!

    I’m writing to you because I’ve had a look at your blog site and believe you, or someone you may know, might be interested in getting involved in our current campaign here at Diversity Jobs.
    We are really interested in hearing about how people are doing and what’s going on in people’s lives at the moment – we want the honest truth.
    Our company is currently going through a big over-haul and we’re trying hard to uncover how we can really help people in their search for a fair and inclusive work place. We are here to provide people with support and encouragement, whilst getting their voice heard.
    We are actually hoping to find a few people who are not only happy to tell us how they’re doing, but who might be interested in contributing to our new site.
    We are in the process of putting together a whole new micro-site built around the ‘big IDEA’ – Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility, which will contain a wealth of information from reputable industry leaders, bloggers, news stories and interesting polls.
    If you have a few minutes to spare, it would be great to hear back from you – or if you know someone who might be interested, please pass on this message.
    There’s a range of content which anyone could contribute – from simply answering a couple of short questions, to submitting a poem, writing an article for our blog or some creative writing, it’s entirely up to you – as long as we’re getting your opinion or a personal insight, we’re happy.

    Please do get in touch – even just to have a chat, we want to hear from you.

    Kind regards,


  4. We would like to write something – how and when please?

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