Meet: Alex and Guy Orlov, who have set up cSeeker, an online communication support service

July 30, 2014


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The newest supporter of this site is cSeeker, which is a new company run by two Deaf brothers, Guy and Alex Orlov. Here they tell us all about themselves and their new venture. Tell me about you both? We are two Deaf brothers in our 30s, from London and Leeds. We were born in Moscow, […]

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Vicky Pannell: Why I’ve helped two Gambian Sign Language Interpreters to attend ASLI’s conference in September

July 30, 2014


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Over the past few weeks, I have been involved in trying to arrange for two Gambian Sign Language Interpreters to come to the UK in September for the ASLI conference. So, how did I – a BSL interpreter based in London, suddenly find myself negotiating the red tape and dealing with the logistical nightmare of […]

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Ted Evans: Come along to Shuffle Festival on Sunday and watch Together, a forgotten classic about two Deaf men

July 29, 2014



Naturally I’m always interested when deaf people are portrayed in films, I personally seek them out for my development project where I am looking at the portrayal of deaf characters in film and how sign language is captured. So if I hear I about a certain film, I have to see it and that is […]

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Exclusive: Deaf woman says she was “humiliated” on bus as driver allegedly insists she can hear phone

July 28, 2014


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Just a week after we reported how a Deaf woman in Manchester was allegedly subjected to an angry tirade from a Train Manager, a deaf woman from Oxford has tweeted about what she describes as a “humiliating” experience on a bus to Oxford earlier today. Sarah Chapman, an Information Specialist who has recently researched why people […]

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800 Deaf campers enjoy this year’s Sign Circle festival!

July 28, 2014



800 Deaf campers are today making their way home after enjoying this year’s Sign Circle camping festival, which was held in Longridge, Lancashire. Among this year’s attractions were a new ‘pub bus’ (above) improvised comedy (below), signed poetry, drama and media workshops, an outdoor cinema from the BSL Zone, dog show, mud wrestling, zorbing, and […]

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“My hearing loss has never held me back in music.” Meet Eloise Garland

July 28, 2014


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Tell us about yourself. I’m nineteen years old, moderately deaf, and I’m currently studying in London for a music degree. I like anything creative and arty, and enjoy going to cultural events and exhibitions where historical artifacts are shown (very easy to get to when you live in London!). I am also highly involved with […]

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Deaf News: Hearing Link urge Deaf adults to give their views on hearing services in England

July 25, 2014


UK hearing loss charity Hearing Link is urging adults who have used NHS hearing care services to get hearing aids or other support to make their views known about the quality of the service they received. Health service regulator Monitor has launched a full review into how well the hearing care service model is working, […]

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