Deaf News: Deaf teenager wins prestigious award then donates £500 prize to deaf kids charity

April 17, 2014


A deaf teenager from The Wirral has won a prestigious award for her work in raising awareness and campaigning for deaf children and then donated her £500 to charity. Bethany Eason, aged 16 and a cochlear implant user, was nominated by her Head Teacher for the Rotary Club Young Citizen Award because he was impressed […]

Deaf wrestler Sean Noone: What it was like to wrestle in Japan!

April 17, 2014



When I was invited to wrestle in wrestling shows in Tokyo, of course, I grabbed the opportunity, as it was one of my dreams. The wrestling event had been arranged by a Japanese pro-wrestling company called Touroumon. I felt it was a huge honour to be invited to take part and flew to Japan at […]

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Cathy Fletcher: What playing tennis has given me, and how you can get started in the sport too

April 16, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 13.37.29

With the clocks having recently gone forward and the days getting longer, lighter and (I’ll say it quietly) brighter, summer is getting closer and more of us Brits will start to think about tennis as Wimbledon approaches. But for me and an increasing number of deaf people around the country, tennis is a year-round passion. […]

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“All I want is to be treated like a normal human being” Healthcare for deaf people who don’t use sign language

April 16, 2014


Alex broderick

A recent study by charity SignHealth has revealed that sign language users are more likely to suffer from long term health problems than their hearing counterparts, suffer misdiagnosis and have problems understanding their medication. The solutions to these problems involve expanding the use of sign language interpreters; but what of the hundreds of thousands of […]

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Tamsin Coates: Whatever equipment a deaf child uses, they are still deaf

April 15, 2014



‘Is there any such thing as a deaf child anymore?’ This was a question I recently overhead, spoken by an education professional who works with children who are deaf/have a hearing loss. To put their question in context the lady was relating it to the different types of technology now available which deaf children can […]

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Laura Dunn: What it’s like to be the only deaf person at karate class

April 15, 2014


Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 11.17.28

Picture this: The Karate Kid, awesome kicks, punches, getting one over the big guy… and then there’s this: a clumsy woman with a blank expression on her face while she is working out what Age uke, gyaku tsuki, gedan barai actually means. This woman is me, in my karate class early in the morning, with […]

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John Walker: 10 things deaf children learn at mainstream school

April 14, 2014


John Walker when he was 16 years old

Did you go to a mainstream school? I did. This type of education is called ‘inclusive education’, and it is anything but. Here are 10 things I really learnt, when I went to mainstream secondary school from 1983 to 1990. 1. I’m different I am told that I went to a ‘normal school,’ but when […]

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