Kim Rodger: Support our fete, raising money for my daughter’s family to learn BSL, and the NDCS

August 31, 2015


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I would like to proudly introduce to you the story of my daughter Evie. Evie is seven years old, and she was born profoundly deaf. At ten days old, Evie was admitted to hospital with meningitis. Evie was an inpatient for three weeks, during which time we nearly lost her. This led us to believe […]

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Martin McLean: Help us protect the future for Deaf students

August 28, 2015


martin mclean

I risk being accused of bragging here, but in my lifetime I have managed to complete not one but three degrees – a BSc, a PGCE and an MA. I could not have completed any of them without Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs). This is government funding that disabled students can apply for to pay for […]

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Wouter Thielen: How to use the concept of Deaf Gain in job interviews

August 27, 2015



In a previous article I wrote about how to positively communicate your deafness towards the job market. I want to expand on this by sharing with you a certain interview question that I was asked, and how I responded. “Why should we hire you?” Note: this was for a position that requires analysis and problem solving, involving […]

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Matt Dixon: Help support my 3000 mile journey for families affected by childhood cancer

August 26, 2015



In 10 days time I’m taking part in a scrap car challenge, 4 blokes, in two cars travelling 3000 miles from Leeds to Venice in 6 days. All of the expense of the rally, accommodation fuel etc etc  has been paid for by us the drivers meaning every penny raised will go direct to the […]

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The Secret Deafie: Being discriminated against by the family court

August 26, 2015


Secret Deafie

Do you have a story you want to tell anonymously? Just email I was in family court recently to attend a final hearing about where my two children should reside. I have a severe high frequency hearing loss that makes it difficult to discern speech. I have a responsible job and have the capacity […]

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Deaf News: RAD look for nominations for 175th Birthday Honours Awards (BSL)

August 25, 2015



To commemorate their 175th birthday, RAD, the oldest organisation for Deaf people in England, has opened nominations for their Birthday Honours Awards.   Comprising nine categories, the awards celebrate 175 years of Deaf history, culture and language, acknowledging the following areas; Deaf research, Preservation of Deaf history, Deaf business, young people, role models, Deaf clubs, Deaf […]

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Watch: Deaf model Nyle DiMarco’s America’s Next Top Model video blog

August 24, 2015



A Deaf contestant called Nyle DiMarco is currently challenging for the title of America’s Next Top Model and is releasing ASL video blogs (with subtitles!) explaining how things are going, and how he feels about his progress. Take a look here:

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