Edinburgh Fringe Review: “Humour can bring Deaf culture into the mainstream.” Charlie Swinbourne reviews ‘Speech Sucks: The Future Signs’

August 22, 2014



The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas at the Edinburgh Fringe is a strand which gives university lecturers the chance to debate the subjects they research in a humorous and audience-friendly way. One year ago, in an event called Send the Deaf to Orkney, Professor Graham Turner (Chair of Interpretation and Translation Studies at Heriot Watt university) […]

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Jen Dodds: Five reasons why I give Deaf camping festival Sign Circle the thumbs up! (BSL)

August 22, 2014


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To see this article in BSL, signed by Jen, just click here or scroll down the page! The last Sign Circle festival may have been last month, but I’m still buzzing from its positivity. In fact, here are five reasons why I give Sign Circle the thumbs up (in no particular order)… 1. Camping! Camping […]

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Martin McLean: Can family access to BSL be improved? An opportunity looms…

August 21, 2014


Martin McLean

Martin McLean, I-Sign Project Manager at the National Deaf Children’s Society looks at the upcoming changes to education laws in England for children with special educational needs and how access to British Sign Language (BSL) could be improved as a result. What will the changes include? September 1st  is a big date in the calendar. […]

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Emily Howlett: We need to stop thinking that government changes won’t affect us

August 21, 2014



There are such a lot of insidious, barely noticeable changes happening right now that it’s pretty much impossible for anyone outside of Westminster to keep up. (Personally, I’m not even convinced anyone inside has managed to keep up.) There’s been a lot of talk about Access To Work recently. Facebook and Twitter keep flashing up […]

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Deaf News: Partnership means theatre plays will be released with captions online

August 20, 2014



The charity STAGETEXT (who are one of our supporters) and DIGITAL THEATRE are delighted to announce that they have formed a partnership to make acclaimed, entertaining theatre available with captions online. Six fully captioned theatre productions will be available to rent or buy online via the Digital Theatre website with the option of captioning from […]

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Edinburgh Fringe Review: “Matty Gurney as you’ve never seen him.” Donna Williams on ‘Light’

August 20, 2014


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Wow! That’s my review – wow!I suspect something more is needed… ‘Light’ is the play featured on Limping Chicken a few weeks ago, as deaf actor Matty Gurney had landed a role in the show, which is aimed at deaf and hearing audiences.I was in Edinburgh to take in the Fringe last week, and number […]

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Charlie Swinbourne: 5 annoying things about going on holiday when you’re deaf

August 19, 2014



Holidays. You work yourself to the bone (or merely to the beak in the Chicken’s case) all year round and your reward is two weeks away from home when you get to relax, unwind, switch off, and enjoy yourself. I’ve just come back from two weeks in Scotland and don’t get me wrong, I had an […]

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