Hero deaf pets: Deaf cat survives 19 storey fall, & deaf dog learns sign language!

Posted on March 26, 2012

Pets. You’ve got to love them – with their fluffy ears, wagging tails and soft fur. It’s compulsory.

HERO DEAF PETS. Out of sheer loyalty to our deaf, but hard of human kin, us deafies are compelled to love them even more.

Even better, news outlets across the world just LOVE writing about stone-animal HERO DEAF PETS. And here at Limping Chicken, we love reading about them.

Without further ado, here’s two stories about human-impaired deafies that we discovered just last weekend…

First, People magazine in America have reported how a deaf cat called Sugar miraculously survived a 19-storey fall to carry on doing what cats do (sleep, catch mice, suck up to owner in exchange for food).

The article tells how “a few inches off on her landing, and Sugar would not have been so lucky.”

Sugar landed on grass and “mulch” (described on Wikipedia as “a protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth’ – never let it be said we don’t do our research here at Limping Chicken).

She then cowered under a couch in the lobby of her building, where she was rescued by members of Boston’s Animal Rescue League. She escaped, amazingly, with only “a cut to her lip and minor bruising on her lungs.”

They managed to track down Sugar’s owner, a lady called Brittney Kirk. The manager of the Animal Rescue League said that “She was amazed, relieved and grateful” (unless he knows how to read Sugar’s mind, we presume he’s talking about Brittney).

Meanwhile, this side of the Atlantic, Essex’s Daily Gazzette has reported how Alice, a deaf dog who was dumped as a puppy, has been adopted by a deaf couple and has gone on to learn sign language.

This is an amazing achievement – finger spelling can’t be easy when you’ve got paws.

Joking aside, the springer spaniel was eight weeks old when she was abandoned by her Irish breeder – because she was deaf.

After being adopted by deaf couple Marie Williams, 42, and Mark Morgan, 44, Alice has been taught to “sit,” “stand,” and “roll over.” She has also been taught how to “pray’’ for her food.

The article quotes Marie as saying: “Alice is such a wonderful addition to our family. We love her so much. Her training is going brilliantly and it just goes to show a deaf dog can learn just as well as any other.”

Hear hear. Or should we say: see see?

And to round our first instalment of Hero Deaf Pets off, here’s a video of DODA (Dog Of Deaf Adults) and HERO DEAF PET Alice in action…

By Charlie Swinbourne, Editor

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