Deaf News: Marvel Comics creates superhero for deaf boy

Posted on May 24, 2012

A heart-warming story covered on Concord Monitor has revealed how Marvel Comics responded to the mother of a deaf boy when she wrote to them telling them that her son wouldn’t wear his hearing aids.

Christina D’Allesandro thought her message would end up in the spam folder, but was amazed to get a series of replies.

First, Marvel sent them a West Coast Avengers cover with the character Hawkeye wearing a hearing aid (in his right ear). As the website says: “The storyline is that the archer who is appearing in the blockbuster “Avengers” movie once had an adventure during which he saved people, but also damaged his hearing while doing so.”

Then they followed this up by sending Anthony an image of himself as a superhero called Blue Ear, then finally, an image of his superhero self with Hawkeye.

Unsurprisingly, Anthony is now wearing his own ‘blue ear’ hearing aid once more. It’s great to find out that a huge company like Marvel would take the time and effort to make a deaf child’s day, week and maybe even year, like this. Top work.

With thanks to Caroline O’Neill.

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