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Posted on February 13, 2013

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Deaf students’ GCSE results are falling
GCSE results for Deaf children fell by 2.4% in one year.

Father of Deaf schoolgirl threatens to sue school due to lack of interpreter
parents of a Welsh profoundly deaf girl may take legal action against their council because they have not given their daughter a sign language teacher who also knows Welsh.

Census reveals only 22,000 sign language users
The number of people who declared themselves BSL users in the 2011 census was revealed to be just 22,000.

Newborn hearing screening misses some deaf children
Some children could develop hearing loss as babies and toddlers shortly after they have taken the test.

Welsh NHS failing Deaf people
A report by the BBC has revealed that Welsh health boards are breaching the Equality Act by not giving Deaf people equal access to healthcare.

Deaf councillor could be disqualified after asking for loop system
a deaf council official who has said he won’t attend council meetings until they fit a loop system, has been told that he could be disqualified from the council as a result.

Deaf man stabbed three times tells his story
Deaf American man, had been stabbed after his signs were mistaken for ‘gang signs.’ Now, he has told an American news programme his story.

Driving instructor learns BSL to teach Deaf students
A driving instructor from Manchester has explained how she has learned BSL in order to teach Deaf students how to drive.

Scottish Deaf postman attacked by dog he couldn’t hear barking
Deaf postman who has had to take time off work after being attacked by a dog.

New home for deaf gorilla
A deaf gorilla who has moved around numerous times since he was born has finally found a new home

Deaf woman attacked in Preston
Deaf woman was punched in the face when she tried to stop a robber from stealing her purse.

Champion for the Deaf appointed on Isle of Man
A Deaf man has moved to the Isle of Man to become a ‘Champion of the Deaf’

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