Deaf News: Indian Deaf woman reunited with brother twelve years after boarding the wrong bus

Posted on March 7, 2013

The Daily Mail has reported on an incredible, heart-warming story about a Deaf woman who boarded the wrong bus twelve years ago, and as a result, lost her family until a police officer reunited them.

Surely someone from Bollywood is snapping up the film rights? If not, they should be. Read on…


The saga began after the death of Galiman’s father, when her mother and brother decided to move to Delhi. Initially, they stayed near Nizamuddin in the south of the city.

Jalil found work in a plastic factory in Khanpur, and rented a place nearby with the intention of moving his family there.

Hoping they would join him quickly, the young man asked his mother and sister to board the number 419 or 423 bus to Khanpur.

But somehow, instead of boarding a bus to Khanpur, Galiman got on a coach going to Daryaganj, in north Delhi.

That was on November 16, 2000. Galiman was unable to communicate where she wanted to go, and her frantic family were unable to locate her.

Though her mother tragically died without seeing her daughter again, Jalil kept faith that one day he would track her down.

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