Go see: ‘Only the Lonely’ Conference on deafness, autism and learning disability in Manchester, 13th June 2013

Posted on April 16, 2013

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 11.31.26A conference organised by the St George Healthcare Group (a supporter of this site) called: Only the Lonely – Deafness and Autism / Learning Disability will be held in Manchester on Thursday 13th June 2013. It will be fully sign language interpreted.

The Conference will be a unique opportunity to access the most up to date knowledge and information provided by high quality presenters who are acknowledged experts in their respective fields. For further information, go to www.stgeorgehealthcaregroup.co.uk.

Dr Brendan T. Monteiro, Consultant Psychiatrist to Deaf People, writes:

Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) have recently received a great deal of attention; there is now an awareness of ASC among professionals and the public. Autistic Spectrum Conditions are difficult to diagnose in the presence of early profound deafness, because of communication issues.

Typically, individuals on the Autistic Spectrum (Deaf and Hearing), display three groups of characteristics:

  • Poor understanding of Reciprocal Social Interactions and social expectations
  • Language difficulties in the preferred language – BSL, English
  • Ritualistic and Repetitive behaviour

Deafness and Autism are considered as possible diagnosis when a child has communication issues.

However, when a child with limited communication is assessed by professionals with a poor understanding of deafness, who lack deaf awareness, the possibility of a late diagnosis exists.This late diagnosis has serious implications for the appropriate development of language and for management of their behaviour.

Deaf and hearing people on the Autistic spectrum display similar range of symptoms outlined above. However, deaf people with Autism are diagnosed much later than hearing people. The average age for diagnosis in the hearing population was 7.5 years, compared to fifteen years in the deaf population. This delay in diagnosis is despite the concerns of parents of deaf children who suspect developmental problems at an early age, though the problems are attributed to deafness.

It is important that Autism in deaf children is diagnosed as early as possible because of the crucial implications of specialised education and the need to develop strategies to address specific behaviours.

The Only the Lonely: Deafness and Autism / Learning Disability Conference 2013 provides a unique opportunity to access the most up to date knowledge and information, provided by high quality presenters who are acknowledged experts in their respective fields.

The complexities of unravelling the clinical and therapeutic conundrums of Deaf People on the Autistic Spectrum, is both challenging and requires a range of knowledge and skills that delegates will be able to understand.

The Conference will benefit professionals in Mental Health Care, Developmental Psychology and Psychiatry, Psychiatry of LD, Mental Health and Deafness, Education, Social Work, Prison Services, those in the Criminal Justice System and Commissioners of services.

The Conference fee is £65.00 per delegate, and to book your place at this event, please visit: http://www.stgeorgehealthcaregroup.org.uk/conference/index.shtml

For a Conference programme, go to: http://www.stgeorgehealthcaregroup.org.uk/newsfile/20130306.104412.1.pdf

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