Deaf News: Deaflympics squad announced!

Posted on June 24, 2013

UK Deaf Sport has named the team that will compete in the 22nd Dealympics Summer Games in Sofia, Bulgaria from 26 July to 4 August 2013.

This is the second time that the Summer Deaflympics will be held in Sofia. The 2013 Games was originally awarded to Athens, the capital of Greece, but they had to decline, due to the financial crisis. Sofia stepped in at the last minute to host the event.

Former Deaflympian Fiona Brookes will lead a British contingent of about 50 athletes. She said in a statement:

“Since being asked to take on the role of Chef De Mission, I have met many of the GB team and it is clear that everyone is working really hard, training well and trying to steer clear of injuries at this late stage. There are now only four weeks left so the countdown has really begun.

“I am looking forward to working with all the athletes and officials in striving to produce peak performances, and therefore giving ourselves the best opportunities for bringing home those medals!

“I hope as many GB fans as possible are coming to support their athletes in Sofia. We’re working on creating a TeamGB timetable so that you’ll know when and where our athletes will be competing, making it easier for you to plan your time well and get to the venues to wave those flags!”

The famous Vasil Levski National Stadium will be the main venue for athletics

The famous Vasil Levski National Stadium will be the main venue for athletics

The team will fly out to Sofia on Monday 22 July.

The full squad is listed below:

Sport Name Role
RUDDY, John Athlete
LISHMAN, Bethan Athlete
DORAN, Colette Athlete
ZELIC, Rebecca Athlete
PEFFERS, Laura Athlete
FOSTER, Rebecca Coach
BAGGA, Rajeev Athlete
BOWERS, Sarah Official
BURRIS, Mike Athlete
CASWELL, Dominic Athlete
HARDWICK, Andrea Official
HARPER, Kevin Coach
HOLDSWORTH, Lesley Athlete
HURLEY, Xander Athlete
CYCLING SMITH, Thomas Athlete
SMITH, Ian Coach
KARATE David Grant Athlete
SHOOTING Rob Lowe Athlete
BAXTER, Thomas Athlete
TOWNS, Annabel Athlete
KENNY, Oliver Athlete
NISTED, Luke Athlete
McCOMISH, Jack Athlete
NODEN, Emily Athlete
CRANFORD, Alexander Athlete
ROSS, Callum Athlete
JOYCE, Danielle Athlete
STEWART, Renee Athlete
HOLMES, Angela Coach
ROBERTS, Andrew Coach
TENNIS BROOKES, Bethany Athlete
FLETCHER, Cathy Athlete
FLETCHER, Lewis Athlete
CLIFTON, Jack Athlete
WILCOX, Pete Athlete
WILLIAMSON, Stuart Coach
BROWN, Emma Athlete
COOKE, Damaris Athlete
CROSS, Donna Athlete
EAST-O’KEEFFE, Rebecca Athlete
EVANS, Danielle Athlete
GILL, Mark Coach
GWYNN, Christopher Coach
HIBBETT, Debbie Athlete
HIRSHMAN, Sharon Coach
HOGAN, Louise Athlete
MALIN, April Athlete
MCKEOWN, Susan Athlete
NEWSON, Gemma Athlete
PAGE, Sarah Athlete
PERT, Jessica Athlete
PUSHPALINGHAM, Lhathini Athlete
SANDERS, Gemma Athlete
SIMS, David Coach
STANCLIFFE, Claire Athlete
TOBIN, Mandy Athlete
WATERS, Carly Athlete
WENMAN, Victoria Athlete
WISEMAN, Laura Athlete
ALP, Pembe Standby
MALLARD, Rachel Standby
LOCKEY, Chloe Standby

 Image: Dimitar Nikolov via Flickr under Creative Commons licence

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