(e : Deaf Topics I Don’t Care to Hear About From Strangers

Posted on July 29, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 17.28.52There are some things related to deaf and hard of hearing issues I don’t really care to hear about from adult strangers I meet waiting in a line at the DMV, post office, some café, or store (usually after they see my hearing aid).

While I understand that people are just trying to make conversation, I would rather not hear for several minutes about the following:

  • Your deaf cousin whom you have not seen in several years
  • Helen Keller
  • How you went “deaf” for a day or two and how horrible it was
  • How you once saw a deaf person working at a hardware store five years ago
  • How you learned how to sign the alphabet as a child and then proceed to show me how much you remember
  • Your grandfather and his hearing aids
  • Your neighbor who was deaf with two hearing aids, no, one hearing aid, no . . . maybe with cochlear implants or one of each. Actually, he might have been able to talk, but then you never really interacted with him . . .
  • How the cousin of your sister’s best friend had a teacher whose wife was deaf

Elizabeth, aka (e, is a hard of hearing itinerant teacher of various mainstreamed deaf and hard of hearing students (prek – 12th grade). She often blogs about her job, life with a hearing loss, and deaf and hard of hearing issues. She also enjoys painting and drawing cartoons when the mood strikes her. Don’t miss her blog at http://www.ehwhathuh.com/ and follow her on Twitter as @dhhitinerant.

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