Big Brother Update: Sam escapes eviction and gets a letter from home! Days 43, 44 & 45

Posted on July 30, 2013

Day 43,  Thursday 25/7

The highlights of todays show focused on the secret and lies of this weeks eviction in which Sam, Sophie and Dan have been told by Big Brother they are immune when in fact they are not.

The housemates discuss what they think will happen, and yet again it is only Dan that is the closest to the truth but even he doesn’t twig that he is up himself for eviction.

The live segment of the show was the part when the lies were revealed to the housemates. It was very obvious the confusion on Sam’s face as he struggled to understand over the crowd noise and listening to the voiceover the fact that he wasn’t safe and in fact had been up for eviction all week. Callum was the only housemate to try and keep Sam in the loop with what was going on.

It was then announced that Dan was the next housemate to be evicted. This left a shell shocked house behind in the aftermath.


Day 44, Friday 26/7

Today was the day of eviction (which we saw in the live segment of the show yesterday) and there was a task to keep the housemates occupied. As usual, it followed the lies theme and the housemates in pairs went about completing their individual tasks in order to win treats for the house. Jack and Joe had to spend time in the hall of smiles in order to win booze, except in big brother style it was actually to win booze for the house!

Dan and Sophie had to eat disgusting sour sweets in order to win steaks for the house, which were in fact stakes! Sam and Callum were paired up to receive fake tans with ‘I am with stupid’ written on their backs in order to win chocolate brownies, which were later revealed to be brown letter e’s!

The eviction, with its twist came, and Dan was evicted. Sam told Gina how he went through 10 different emotions in just 5 minutes and he felt he was on an emotional rollercoaster. He later asked Callum what sort of crowd reaction they all received when their names were announced.


Day 45 Saturday 27/7

The first day since Dan left the house, they are all still discussing the aftermath.

The first task of the week was art based in which the housemates were asked to paint something that represented their time in the house. Sam chose to represent Hazel coming down the stairs on day one with her big boobs and all their tongues hanging out and Dexter kissing Charlie’s bottom!

The reward for passing this task was letters from home for each of them. Sam chose Callum to read his letter from home out. This is what was said: ‘Dear Sam, We cant tell you in words how proud we are of you in the house. We are glad you have found a friend in Callum’ – at this point Callum breaks down and has to compose himself.

The letter to Sam said Callum ‘is welcome to come and stay in sunny LLanelli when the show finishes. Keep having fun and enjoy the experience. We are very proud and you are being a fantastic role model to deaf children and grannies that you set out to be. Love from Mum and Dad, neighbours, friends, family and all of Llanelli.’


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