Ceilidh O’Sullivan: How you can help Deaf children here in Uganda

Posted on March 5, 2014

Here in Uganda, we have come a long way since our work began in 2009. Many lives are changed.

The Deaf kids we are working with no longer sulk without communication; they now smile and communicate effectively.

Some that had leg deformities and other health problems are now set free thanks to encouragements, surgeries and medical assistance.

The communities no longer throw bricks or rubbish on our School wall because we are a ‘Deaf’ School, they come and knock on the door to learn sign language, to be involved and assist us.

Where does all this happen?

We are a little Deaf School based just out of the busy city of Kampala, in Uganda East Africa. We named ourselves Deaf Elite Education Centre operated by Boanerges Deaf Initiative a small registered charity based in Uganda. Starting with about 10 Deaf children in our small space, we jumped to over 50 Deaf kids in 2 years!

We built this small School and during the time we were able to buy land outside of town. On this land we dream to start building another place like we have, but bigger in size as we have 300 Deaf children around the corner who want to come to School.

Ceilidh teaching in 2010


We cannot take in any more children where we are based in the crammed small space in town. On this land we can build a replica of what we have but willing to expand and grow! Trees can be used as shelter for extra classrooms; we are able to walk around freely without risking being hit by motorbikes. We can have more freedom to learning.

From a small group of 10 students, we have now come to a large group, a new generation of Deaf children with a brighter future. If we stay the way we are, we are changing lives, but what about the other 300 Deaf kids we know that are out there?

It breaks our heart to know they are there but we have no space or support to look after them. Which is why we decided to try and fundraise for the first time, to start laying foundations so we can have a hope, we can go one brick at a time, building our way to the top, to provide a home for Deaf kids!

Volunteers from parts of the world, Deaf and hearing, have visited us and have made life changing impact on our Children, staff and also on themselves. Our most heard comments from volunteers would be ‘It’s all about the love’. ‘They are just so happy yet they have nothing that we have.’

ceilidh-253It is true, it’s all about the love, and we are a free of charge School because we love Deaf kids and people. They need an education chance, a chance to be loved and accepted. It’s not just a School; it is an Education Center for everyone involved parents, families, communities, Deaf and hearing adults and volunteers from parts of the world.

We are happy even though we have little, but at least we have the love to go around keeping us going each day!

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If you wish to make a difference in the lives of Deaf children, please see the latest fundraiser http://www.gofundme.com/6wcj98 or contact Ceilidh at ceilidh@boanergesdeafinitiative.org. You can also check out www.boanergesdeafinitiative.org



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