Watch: BSL introduction video for Liverpool’s Deaf and Disability Arts festival, DaDaFest International 2014

Posted on November 12, 2014

Below is a video all about this year’s DaDaFest International, which is being held in Liverpool! Read on below the video for a transcript.

To find out more about the festival, go to:

Video Transcript

Ruth Gould – Hello, are you feeling great?
Barry Avison – Hello, great to see you again!
RG – Welcome to the festival!
BA – Welcome to the festival!
RG – It`s the time of the year again.
BA – Again?
RG – Two years has flown by quickly.
BA – Already?
RG – Busy, busy, busy.
BA – Yeah!
RG – Great programme this year.
BA – Fantastic, we`ve got people from all over the world coming.
RG – Everything is happening. We`ve got visual arts, performance, dancing, singing…
BA – Liverpool is the centre of the universe for Deaf and Disability Arts.
RG – Exactly, we want them to come here and work here.
BA – Agree, and we have been working non-stop. When we see them coming, we will celebrate, celebration
RG – Look at our website www.dadafest.
BA – Dot co dot uk at the end.
RG – Right, come and see us and say “Hi!” to us.
BA – I will be working in the office, but come and meet me and take me out of the office and I will show you what`s happening.
RG – Yes! Fantastic, Cool … Bye!
BA – Bye Bye!

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