Read: Play featuring ISL by Irish playwright with deaf parents is shown for fourth year

Posted on December 3, 2014

Ireland’s The Journal has a great article about Shane O’Reilly, a child of deaf parents who has written a play using Irish Sign Language, light and sound.

Follow, a one-man show which features different stories about the deaf community, is returning for its fourth year.


GROWING UP WITH parents who are Deaf, Shane O’Reilly has always been aware of how differently they were treated by some people.

He grew up in a house with doorbell lights and subtitles on the TV, a house where the theatre and cinema were often off the agenda as they simply didn’t cater for Deaf audiences in the 1980s.

When he became an actor and playwright, he again noticed how the acting world was catered towards those who are hearing. But with his work Follow, which is currently on the Abbey Theatre’s Peacock Stage, he has co-written a play that anyone can enjoy, whether they are Deaf or hearing.

Here’s a subtitled video in ISL:

Read the full article here:


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