Read: Rebecca Atkinson’s Guardian article about the French film that is a ‘cinematic insult’ to the Deaf community

Posted on January 7, 2015

Just in case you missed this Guardian article by Deaf journalist Rebecca Atkinson, which was published shortly before Christmas, we suggest you read it without delay.

The article is about the reaction to the French film La Famille Belier, the story of a deaf family with a hearing daughter with a talent for singing.

The article labels the film a ‘cinematic insult’ to the Deaf community, because of how deafness is used as a plot device, and also because of how the deaf characters are played by hearing actors.

Here’s an extract below. Read the full article here:

Hearing people’s fascination with the relationship between music and deafness just does not resonate with most deaf people. Perhaps if you’ve lost your hearing, yes, but if you were born deaf like me, it’s not something that you lose sleep over.

It’s just an overplayed stereotype that deaf people have to tolerate their whole lives. Show me a deaf person who hasn’t been asked if they are bothered that they can’t hear birdsong and I’ll show you a pig with wings. Birdsong or music might be paramount to the lives of some, but it’s myopic to think that the whole world holds the same cares as you.

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