Deaf News: Deaf Tinkerbelle toy goes viral

Posted on May 13, 2015


A picture of a deaf Tinkerbelle Fairy doll which wears a pink cochlear implant is currently flying around the world on Facebook after going viral.

The image has been shared over 500 times in two days, and was created by a group of mothers calling on the toy industry for greater toy diversity for the 40,000 UK Deaf children and 770,000 UK children with disabilities, and more across the world.

They set up the Toy Like Me campaign three weeks ago for those who were fed up of not being able to find positive disability representation in toys and started to make and photograph their own toys in a call to the Toy Industry for better toy box diversity.


The campaign has already received a growing following but the Tinkerbelle dolls has particularly resonated with hundreds of shares, likes and requests to buy the doll pouring in from around the globe.

“For parents of Deaf children I think there is something very emotive about seeing a familiar mainstream character like Tinkerbelle with a cochlear implant or hearing aid,” says Toy Like Me campaigner, Rebecca Atkinson. “It creates a very positive image of disability that is seldom found by marrying up something mainstream with something affecting a minority. It’s a powerful mix.”

Unfortunately despite demand, the Tinkerbelle doll is not for sale because it was specially made by the Toy Like Me campaign to highlight the lack of positive representation of Deafness and disability in the toy box and show Toy Manufacturers that there is a demand for more inclusive toys.

For more information visit – or Twitter @toylikeme

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