Read: The Guardian – How deaf theatre can reinvigorate the spoken word

Posted on October 28, 2015

The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner has written a theatre blog about how signing on stage can add to the spoken word.

Read the full article here. Below is an extract:

For Deafinitely Theatre, heading to London’s Park theatre this week with George Brant’s Grounded – using two actors, one of whom speaks and one of whom signs – signing has a strong performative element. It is just another type of storytelling. The play is about a nameless female US fighter pilot, grounded through pregnancy and motherhood, who now flies remote-controlled drones from a trailer in the Las Vegas desert. It was blisteringly performed by Lucy Ellinson on its UK premiere and has been taken on by Anne Hathaway in New York. But Deafinitely’s staging should add another dimension to the pilot’s increasing sense of dislocation by having the signing actor Nadia Nadarajah playing the pilot and Charmaine Wombwell voicing the pilot in English.

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