Deaf News: Deaf postman with MS wins job back after colleagues go on strike

Posted on November 18, 2015

From the Morning Star:

POSTIES who staged an unofficial strike returned to work “over the moon” last week, after winning a pledge from bosses that a colleague with multiple sclerosis will be allowed back to work.

Sources say the strike to save their pal’s job at Royal Mail’s Bridgwater delivery office in Somerset was “deliberately timed” to follow the Trade Union Bill vote, which passed its third reading in the Commons on Tuesday.

Over 200 unions across the UK supported Andrew, here is just one example, in Wandsworth

Over 200 unions across the UK supported Andrew, here is just one example, in Wandsworth

Andrew Mootoo, who is deaf and suffers from severe MS, has been kept off work for 18 months against his will.

Bosses reportedly said he would get stuck on the loo if he was allowed back.

Another reason given for keeping him off was that managers were using his lunch break rest room — for disciplinary purposes.

Mr Mootoo was pictured on his crutches at picket lines on WednesdayLCdefault.

The Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) says Royal Mail tried to dump the long-serving staffer last year.

He subsequently passed a fitness to work test, but was then pushed out after bosses “invented a new test which they ensured he would fail,” according to reps.

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