Deaf News: Controversy at Superbowl as Marlee Matlin’s ASL performance of national anthem not shown on TV

Posted on February 8, 2016

Putting a signer on stage during a performance – even if it’s one of the most-watched TV broadcasts of the year – doesn’t mean that ‘access’ has been provided if no-one can see it.

So, while Deaf people worldwide would agree that it’s great that Deaf actress and Oscar winner Marlee Matlin was asked to perform an ASL version of the US national anthem (as Lady Gaga sang it) at the Superbowl yesterday, the fact that no-one could see her has been met with a response that is far from positive.

In the stadium, her performance could be seen in a box on the giant monitors (see Marlee Matlin’s own upload below) but viewers only saw a brief glimpse of her on the TV broadcast.

You can see the video below. Here are just a few of the comments on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.48.39

Here’s the video of what was seen in the stadium:

By Charlie Swinbourne, Editor

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