Read: How student Olivia Ginn counters hearing people’s views on Deaf people having children

Posted on March 22, 2016

A student at Goshen College in Indiana, USA, has written an insightful article for her college campus newspaper about hearing people’s attitudes on whether Deaf people should be allowed to have children – and how those views can be countered.

Olivia Ginn has taken a class in Deaf Culture and has now declared ASL Interpreting as her second major. Her article explores Deaf culture and is well worth a read.


Hearing people, who know nothing about Deaf Culture, say that it’s ethically wrong to choose a fate for their children and that they is only predisposing them to a long life of disability and hardships. Many believe it to be a selfish act of the Deaf parents and call it a crime, disgusting, and child cruelty.

However they have one perspective that is blind to everything that Deaf Culture is and stands for. Deaf people are fully capable of accomplishing anything and adapting to anything. For example, a Deaf man just won America’s Next Top Model and will be competing in Dancing with the Stars! Many Deaf love being Deaf and, if given the choice of being born Deaf or hearing, would choose to be Deaf. They believe that if they were hearing, they would be a different person which is not synonymous with being a better person.

Read the whole article here:

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