Watch: New London Mayor Sadiq Khan signing to the Deaf community and pledging to implement BSL charter

Posted on May 7, 2016

Below you can see the new London Mayor, Sadiq Khan signing a short video called ‘My offer for London’s deaf community’ pledging to “remove barriers faced by the deaf community” and implement the BSL charter.

In the text with his video he says:

I’ve seen first-hand the discrimination faced by some members of the deaf community.

I’m committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and will work hard to remove the barriers faced by the deaf community when accessing services and employment.

If elected as your Mayor, I pledge that all public services under the direct control of the Mayor will implement the BSL charter to empower deaf people and remove discrimination.

One Deaf person commenting said: “Wow I’m completely taken aback by the video, Sadiq is so easy to lipread and the video is captioned. I’m not a Londoner but this has truly blown me away!”

Watch the video below, if subtitles do not appear watch it directly on Facebook here.


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