Watch: Channel 4 News video showing parents who have to pay £3000 to learn BSL to communicate with their deaf children

Posted on May 13, 2016

As part of Channel 4 News’ #NoGoBritain series, the programme has made an item, which is subtitled, showing the difficulties that parents of Deaf children have accessing communication support – including facing fees of £3000 for BSL lessons so that they can communicate with their own children.

On Wednesday we reported on an NDCS report showing that a quarter of parents of deaf babies (25%) are not being given the support they need to develop crucial skills to communicate with their babies following identification.

This results in language delay at a crucial stage of development, which Deaf children struggle to recover from.

The Channel 4 video, which can be seen below (or directly on Facebook here) also shows how a pilot project in Belfast is helping some parents progress much more quickly in learning BSL. This project really should be taken up across the UK.

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