Deaf News: The Houston branch of Starbucks with three Deaf baristas

Posted on July 11, 2016

KHOU has reported on a branch of Starbucks in Houston which is staffed by three deaf people, communicating using notes, lipreading and gestures.

The video shows them in action and delayed (live) subtitles are available (click the CC button). Check out the story and video here.


HOUSTON – Faithful Starbucks customers know the coffee shop is often a crowded, bustling, noisy place; but at one location in the Heights, what you don’t hear is what’s interesting and inspiring.

At the I-10 and Yale Starbucks, the smells, sights and sounds are all familiar.  What may not be? What you don’t hear.

Lindsey Smith, a shift supervisor, is deaf as are Lydia Tesfaye and Greg Oxley.  All three baristas serve customers with all kinds of orders.

Of the three, Greg can speak a little, but usually to communicate, they use a writing tablet, a little lip reading, and some simple gestures. They also get help from a Bradley LeConey, a hearing supervisor who knows sign language.

Read the full story here:

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