Deaf News: Deaf American woman sues fast food firm Taco Bell for discrimination

Posted on July 15, 2016

According to AOL, a Deaf American woman is suing the fast food company Taco Bell for discrimination.

A New Jersey woman who is deaf is suing the Taco Bell Corp. for discrimination.

According to court documents obtained by Eater, Gina Cirrincione says she was “refused service and treated rudely by Taco Bell employees” at two of the fast-food chain’s locations in the state.

In her lawsuit, Cirrincione says she mostly communicates using sign language. Back in January, when she tried to use the drive-thru at a Taco Bell in Pleasantville, New Jersey, she handed an employee at the pick-up window a piece of paper with her order written on it.

The court documents claim the manager then “berated” her for her actions, later telling her she would not be served in the future if she used the drive-thru again.

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