Go See: DEX Youth Council’s play re-enacting the French Deaf Banquets, in Wakefield, 19th Nov

Posted on November 2, 2016

DEX Deaf Youth Council, who are based in Wakefield, will stage a play re-enacting the French Deaf Banquets (known as the ‘birth of the Deaf community’), the infamous 1880 Milan Conference, the state of Deaf Education in the 1970s and a celebration of the introduction of sign language in education.

The description says:

Throughout the play, there will be two narrators, the characters Jean Sourd and Jeanette Sourd, who will guide you throughout the play and explain the significance of each scene.

With their help you will find yourself being drawn into how the birth of the Deaf community began in 1830s, the rejection of Oralism in the emerging Deaf community and how Deaf people have become strong in their birth right and identity.

The play is a must for deaf and hearing people to understand the complete and rich history of the Deaf community.

There will be a BSL/English interpreter on stage for hearing audience.

The play is followed by stand up comedy from Deaf comedian John Smith, and can be seen on Saturday 19th November at 6pm.

Tickets cost £10 and the performance will take place at: Mechanics Theatre, 38 Wood Street, Wakefield, WF1 2EW.

You can book tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/my-deaf-story-and-john-smith-tickets-27254043578

The above information can also be seen in this BSL video:

DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) is a group of deaf and deafblind people that has recently affiliated to DEX (Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers) which currently is a focus group for participation with the Department for Education and local service providers to ensure deaf children have a voice in service development.

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