Deaf News: Prudential signs up with SignVideo to give Deaf customers access

Posted on November 22, 2016

Prudential has become the first retirement product provider in the UK to introduce a web-based video relay service (VRS) via SignVideo (a supporter of this site) for customers who use British Sign Language (BSL).

They have made a video to go with this, which you can see below:

The service, provided by SignVideo, is designed to make it easier for BSL users to contact Prudential in their preferred language. Through a link on the Prudential website, BSL using customers place a free and secure video call to a BSL Interpreter at SignVideo who then makes a voice call to Prudential.

You can also watch this information in BSL below:

The BSL Interpreter relays the conversation in real time between the deaf BSL user and the hearing Prudential call handler, enabling more effective communication and natural flow to the conversation.

Dr Terry Riley OBE, Chair of the British Deaf Association (BDA), said:

“The BDA is pleased that Prudential recognises the importance of deaf customers having full access to its financial and pension services in British Sign Language. The setting up of the Video Relay Service is an encouraging step towards our wish to see full access for deaf people across all services in the UK.”

Annie Hughes, director of service development at Prudential, said:

“This is a fantastic service and one that we are proud to pioneer in our industry. There are approximately 150,000 people in the UK who use British Sign Language and it’s important that all of our customers receive an equal service from us. I am delighted that we are the first retirement product provider in the UK to offer the SignVideo service for our customers who use BSL.”

Jeff McWhinney, Chairman and Founder of SignVideo, said:

“We are delighted to see insurance companies like Prudential starting to think about how they can provide equal access to their contact centres for the UK BSL community. Prudential is setting the standard for the insurance industry and I am sure that its deaf BSL using customers will be very happy that they can now call them easily and without barriers.”

To demonstrate how the service works, Prudential has produced a video hosted by its director of service development, Annie Hughes, which is available to view here.

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