Sense slams Government’s social care snub in Autumn Statement

Posted on November 23, 2016

National disability charity concerned by lack of funding commitment for collapsing social care system in today’s Autumn Statement

National disability charity Sense has raised concerns over a lack of Government investment in social care in today’s [23rdNovember 2016] Autumn Statement.

Sense, who support deafblind people and those with complex needs, had been calling for the Government to use the Autumn Statement to reaffirm its commitment to delivering a stable social care system by announcing urgent funds to address the sector’s projected £1.9 billion deficit next year. The charity is now calling for urgent Government funding to address the sector’s unsustainable funding gap.

Richard Kramer, Deputy CEO of disability charity Sense, said:

“Social care in this country is chronically underfunded and is currently estimated to be running at a deficit of at least £2 billion pounds per year, which is clearly an unsustainable situation. However, once again the Government has shown a disinterest in the reality of the current state of the system by failing to commit to the funds needed and missing its opportunity to deliver quality services that support disabled people to play active roles in their communities.

“It is bitterly disappointing that the Government has not paid heed to numerous stark warnings about the future of a system under extreme financial strain. Demand on social care is continuing to increase, whilst budgets cuts force councils to ration services. In the past year alone we know that 11.4% fewer people with sensory impairments received social care support and without emergency funding more and more people will be left without the essential services that they need to carry out their day-to-day lives and to remain active members of their community.

“The Government’s lack of investment in social care is at odds with its commitment to increasing life chances for disabled people. Social care is a vital element in enabling older and disabled people to live full, independent and dignified lives and the restriction of services due to insufficient funding is marginalising many from society already.

“It is clear that the social care system cannot continue without urgent investment, which is why it is now critical that the Government guarantees the future of these essential services by committing the funds required to deliver a quality sustainable system that is able to meet the needs of all who need it.”

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