Deaf News: Research study set up to find out more about abuse and D/deaf people

Posted on December 12, 2016

The University of Manchester has set up a ground-breaking and important study called Breaking the Silence, into abuse and d/Deaf people, an area which has stayed hidden from wider view.

There are BSL videos on their website which can be viewed here. The text on their website says:

This research study has been set up to find out more about abuse and d/Deaf people. We want to find out about the best opportunities for d/Deaf people to be able to talk about abuse. We want to know what are the barriers that stop people from talking about this.

It is a sensitive research study, but very important because there is little information and very few d/Deaf people have been able to talk about the abuse that has happened to them in the past.

By finding out and understanding more about the experiences of d/Deaf people and why they kept quiet for years, as well as what would have helped them to speak about or report abuse, will help d/Deaf children and adults in the future to feel more confident about reporting and will help to stop abuse.
Project approved by the University of Manchester Research Ethics Committee (Ref. 16323).

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