Meriel Michaelides: I’m a notetaker. Here’s what my job involves

Posted on September 25, 2017

That was the week that was.

I get to a job and hear someone say ‘Your typist is here!’ This sets my teeth grinding….so let’s see what’s involved with notetaking…

Sunday: I research the travel needs for this week’s jobs and get the paperwork in order.

Monday/Tuesday: SMS arrives:”Anyone free for ENT in Greenwich university 9-12 Thursdays Oct-December? If available, send fee”.

Meriel Michaelides

It’s that time of year again – Will I get this bid? No. Another notetaker got the job. Never mind, I have an ATW [Access to Work] job in court for a hard of hearing witness, over two days.

Will I swear the oath? The usher and solicitors had to work it out. Will I remember to call the judge by his right title? Will I have time and a space for setting up my laptops so the witness can read what everyone says?

The witness is more nervous than me. At home, the near verbatim text is corrected for spelling and grammar errors before being emailed to the client.

Wednesday: college-funded manual notetaking for a mature student’s lecture on psychology followed by a seminar. She uses interpreters. I am in luck. She sent the course notes for it so I can be aware of any new subject-related terms.

Let’s hope any films are subtitled. Oops. Nearly forgot to get the timesheet signed as she rushed out without picking up the notes.

Thursday: a conference job with a co-worker in a smart hotel; we take turns to type what speakers say and it is projected onto a big screen. A perk of the job – delicious buffet lunch. One of us does an edit on a spare laptop while the other types to screen, taking extra care as typing errors would be on display.

Friday: I can juggle a educational assignment in the morning and whiz over to a bank meeting in the afternoon. Whew! Onlookers at these jobs often come over and say how amazed they are at my concentration and output.

Just a typist? I think not. I love the variety in my job .

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