Go See: BSL interpreted Being A Man festival at Southbank Centre (Sponsored Post)

Posted on November 6, 2017

This is a sponsored post.

There is a full afternoon of BSL interpretation at the Being a Man festival at London’s Southbank Centre on Saturday November 25 from 12PM – 8PM (Important: there have been changes to the accessible programme, see below for details).

The festival addresses the challenges and pressures of masculine identity in the 21st century.

As well as BSL interpretation, there is an appearance from Clive Mason, the legendary presenter of the BBC’s See Hear programme for so many years.

Tickets are £20 full price, with a 25% discount for BSL users. Please book your tickets via access email to get your 25% discount:  accesslist@southbankcentre.co.uk.

Please let them know you are a BSL user, and you need an access seat in the Royal Festival Hall.

The BSL Interpreters are: Adrian Bailey, Daniel Roberts, Russell Andrews, Tom Mould and Jack Flavell.

Address: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX.

Find out more about the festival by clicking here.

BSL Accessible Programme

12pm -From Tamil Tiger to Filmstar: Dheepan’s Antonythasan Jesuthasan,reflects on his extraordinary journey from being a teenage soldier during Sri Lanka’s bloody civil…,then becoming the critically acclaimed star of Palme d’Or winning film, Dheepan. (Interpreted – Royal Festival Hall)

1:15pm- Men in the Media with Clive Mason
How are perceptions of what it means to be a man reinforced by the media? Find out as a panel debates the way that the media challenges and channels masculinity. (Interpreted – Clore Ballroom Level 2)

2:30pm – Reggie Yates in conversation
In his first book, Unseen, Reggie Yates takes us behind the scenes on his journey from TV presenter to documentary storyteller. From Grange Hill to Top of the Pops, Reggie Yates has been on camera nearly all of his life, but it’s as a documentary filmmaker that he has truly been making his mark, investigating everything from religion in South Africa and race and homosexuality in Russia to gun crime in Chicago.(Interpreted)

Roaming services works on first come first served. Please let us know in advance or on the day if you would like any of these talks below Interpreted.

3:45pm – Standing Up For Her Rights: Equality
Recent studies by the Fawcett Society showed that the majority of men believe in gender equality, but what can men do to turn this belief a reality?From the boardroom to domestic life, a panel of experts and activists discuss the blind spots that men still have when it comes to achieving gender equality. Speakers include author and activist, Kevin Powell. (Roaming option – Clore Ball room

3:45pm – Mental Health First Aid Workshop
A Workshop exploring techniques for better mental health. (Roaming Option – Level 3 Function Rm Blue Side)

3:45pm -Porn
Over 90% of young people have viewed porn by the age of 14, and the majority of boys view online pornography believe it is a realistic depiction of sex. What effect does this have on male expectations of sex? (Roaming option – Level 5 Function Rm Blue Side)

From Vikings to Modern Men: Nordic masculinity appears to have come a long way. Separate myth from reality, and get under the skin of men from the North, in a talk featuring men from across the region. (Roaming Option – St Paul’s Roof Pavilion Level 6)

5:00pm – 6:00pm Simon Amstell in conversation
Laugh with Simon Amstell as he talks about his hilarious and heartbreaking new book Help, contemporary masculinity and his compulsion to reveal his entire self on stage. (Interpreted – Royal Festival Hall)

7:00pm – 8:00pm -Robert Webb (Comedian)
Why are boys not supposed to cry or talk about their feelings? Do all men actually like sport and beer? Are you the Luke Skywalker of your life, or are you in fact Darth Vader? These are just some of the questions that have plagued Robert Webb, from a boyhood being insistently told not to cry, to his roles in That Mitchell & Webb Sound. (Interpreted)
Royal Festival Hall

If you need this information in BSL or want to request your Roaming option, please contact
Email: Office@performanceinterpreting.co.uk

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